Milk Declared To Be ‘Racist’ And A Symbol Of ‘White Supremacy’

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Milk is now a racist symbol according to a college student at California State University – Long Beach who penned an op-ed in her school’s online newspaper, claiming that “white nationalists” and “neo-Nazis” are using milk as a form of racial supremacy.

The student, Samantha Diaz, is a staff writer at The Daily 49er and argues that that neo-Nazi’s are “claiming that their ability to process milk makes them racially superior” and the general populace fail to consider the ‘fact’ that milk is a hate symbol.

Samantha begins the article saying the following.

“If you’re having trouble finding the connection between these institutions and milk, you’re not alone. You, along with the rest of the nation, have been so accustomed to hearing the benefits of milk that you probably didn’t even realize the subtle racism hidden in our health facts.”

Diaz continued by claiming that the United States itself along with its numerous institutions such as voter ID laws and state testing are founded on racism. Samantha further suggested that the “deep-rooted tradition to suppress an entire race’s existence” also extends to the federal dietary guidelines.

Samantha wrote the following.

“The federal endorsement of milk in American diets contributes to the problem by uncritically pushing people to drink milk, despite the potential detriment it has on non-white people’s health.”

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She also quoted the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which recommend consuming three cups of milk daily to prevent the development of osteoporosis, which is a disease that weakens the bones.

Samantha Diaz then mentions a Mother Jones article that shows that “osteoporosis affects Africans at a significantly lower rate than it does most Americans.”

While she did not provide any citations throughout the entire op-ed, it is likely that she was referencing this article by Josh Harkinson.

She continues, saying this.

“The Mother Jones article states that not only is milk non-beneficial to Africans, but following the guidelines may actually be detrimental to their health. There is a strong correlation to calcium consumption and an increased risk of prostate cancer, unproportionally [sic] affecting African men.”

Samantha also confusingly stated that because black adults and children secrete less calcium than whites, they, therefore, need less milk.

“Remember that this is the dietary guidelines [sic] for Americans. I want to emphasize that last word. These guidelines are for Americans. This means they should reflect the health needs of the ethnicities that make up America which, news flash, isn’t just white people,” Samantha wrote.

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To further back her claims, Diaz mentioned the incident where “trolls” danced around and shouted random phrases at Shia LeBeouf’s “He Will Not Divide Us” live-stream event while drinking jugs of milk as well as a single scene in the movie “Get Out.”

She said this.

“[‘Get Out’] artistically addresses the new medium of hate with one of the film’s most eerie scenes, which shows a white woman meticulously sipping milk from a bendy straw. The scene would have gone unnoticed in the movie, but audiences were forced to notice the long, drawn-out frame of the woman taking a sip.”

“The milk scene in ‘Get Out,’ along with LaBeouf’s [sic] livestream, turned what started out as internet trolling into yet another form of nonsensical white superiority,” writes Samantha.

“And while there is little logic to the train of thoughts involved in choosing the next inanimate face of racism, our country’s health guidelines certainly take part of the blame for this one.”

Samantha Diaz is also not alone in her belief that milk has some nefarious connotations. NewsMic posted a similar article about a month ago, which also made mention of the disruption of Shia LeBeouf’s livestream, claiming the “trolls” donned neo-Nazi tattoos.

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Funnily enough, NewsMic also made mention of a movie scene involving milk, this time it’s Christoph Waltz’s character in Inglourious Basterds. They also uncovered milk’s 4chan roots to anti-vegan troll movements.

NewsMic subtitled the article by saying this.

“Milk is the new, creamy symbol of white racial purity in Donald Trump’s America.”

With even milk being politicized to this degree, it is no wonder that in some circles, white people smiling at blacks is considered to be a “micro-aggression.”

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