Mama June’s Flabby Skin From Massive Weight Loss The Least Of Her Worries?

Mama June Shannon started out as one of those stage mothers entering her toddler daughter into beauty pageants, but Mama June was the one who became addicted to the fame, claims one of her older daughters. It did’t long before June, and her brood were seen as the epitome of a red neck family while traveling with Honey Boo Boo on the beauty pageant circuit. This caused someone somewhere to take notice of this family and come to the conclusion that there was some entertainment value in Mama June and her brood’s lifestyle.

This is how Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was born. The show was a hit, so the conclusion was correct. “The loud toddler pageant queen and her outrageous redneck family quickly became one of the most entertaining spectacles on TV, with their reality show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” reports Greeningz.

Besides chasing the beauty pageant dreams of her very young daughter, June became a bit of a sideshow who kept viewers coming back week after week. She is a woman who has demonstrated some very crass behavior, and it wasn’t long before June left viewers with their jaws dropped across the nation’s living rooms.

Burping in public, or even in the middle of a conversation, was not taboo for Mama June and neither was passing gas. Mama June’s kids thought nothing of passing gas during a Steve Harvey interview, as News 40 reports in an article from 2013. They weren’t shy about letting Harvey and everyone else know they were “cutting the cheese.” These are just a few of the antics this clan would demonstrate on the show, many of which came naturally to this woman and her family. With Here Comes Honey Boo Boo ending in 2014, Mama June and the family were off the air.

Fox News reports that June Shannon has been estranged from her daughter, Anna “Chicadee” Cardwell for quite some time and reports indicate that this is due to money. Anna claims Mama June owes her and her daughter Kaitlyn their share from appearing in the show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Anna reports that her mother owes them close to a half a million dollars.

The latest reality show that this mom has landed is Mama June From Not To Hot on WE TV. This is a show chronicling June’s weight loss journey that entails surgery and a total lifestyle change. At her heaviest, June tipped the scales at 450 pounds. After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery she worked her way down to just under 200 pounds, but she continued with the plan, and now the woman is a size four.

Her daughter Anna doesn’t believe for a minute that Mama June did this to lose weight, she believes her mother’s need to stay in the spotlight is driving this bus through a weight-loss journey. Anna believes it was Mama June’s manager that pitched this weight loss show to her and she went for it because she has a need for fame, conveys Anna.

Anna claims her mother never expressed an interest in losing weight before and never mentioned surgery, which is something that “freaks out” Anna. According to Fox, Anna believes that Mama June’s manager promised this show would “get her out there” and grant her another opportunity for fame and her mother went for it.

The latest clips highlighted from Mama June From Not To Hot features June at the plastic surgeon’s office pulling at all her excess hanging skin. From her arms to her belly, June’s skin is just hanging from losing all that weight. Despite all the exercise that she’s endured, that excess skin is still there and very apparent when she lifts her arm and shirt for the surgeon.

The surgeon is seen making a plan to first take care of the flabby skin around her stomach and at the same time fix her droopy breasts. He then tells her that her arms and legs would be the next area they would tackle.

While June’s very flabby arms, stomach, and legs are a problem for her, it seems she has bigger fish to fry when it comes to her family. Anna hasn’t spoken to her mother since Christmas, and her ex’s fiancee is accusing her of bad parenting, according to Us Weekly. On Friday’s episode of Mama June From Not To Hot, this very outspoken mother got her gander up when Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson’s fiancee claimed that June is out too much of the time.

Jennifer Lamb, who is planning to marry Sugar Bear, June’s ex, claims that June is reverting into her old eating habits as well as never being home. Honey Boo Boo, whose real name is Alana, is very concerned that her mother is trying to be someone that she is not. The quest for fame has gone too far, worries Alana and June’s other daughter, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon.

The girls were a bit upset when June brought home breast insert samples in different sizes for Alana and Lauryn to help her make a choice. As Us Weekly suggests, “no daughter wants to think about her mother’s breasts, let alone pick them out.” There is a lot more for Mama June to fix other than her excess flabby skin today, starting with her family who is not on board with what she is planning.

[Featured Image by Dan Hallman/AP Images]