Kate Middleton News: Prince William’s Ski Trip Behavior Exposes Wife & Marriage

Kate Middleton news is circulating online, and it seems as though the media is now focusing on Prince William’s questionable behavior during his ski trip.

The marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has been hot in the eye of the public, especially after rumors about Kate Middleton being pregnant surfaced mid-2016. Now, the rumor mill continues to churn, putting the royal couple in a wide array of controversies that focus on the stability of their marriage.

The most recent one focuses on Kate’s alleged reaction to Prince William’s behavior during his ski trip that was caught on camera and had gone viral online.

According to Kate Middleton news from Vanity Fair, the 34-year-old prince was caught on video while enjoying his ski trip with friends after skipping a Commonwealth Day service earlier this week. The outlet calling the prince a.k.a. “throne idle“—a moniker from the British press—said that footage emerged showcasing him at a very un-royal situation.

According to the outlet, Prince William had his arm wrapped around the waist of an unidentified brunette at the famed Farinet nightclub in Verbier. On top of that, the clip also shows his “dad dancing” moves mere hours prior to the Commonwealth Day service.

Because of this, Kate was “understandably less than pleased” with her husband’s behavior, according to royal watch sources cited by Vanity Fair.

Aside from skipping his royal duties and acting like he is not married, what made the matter more pressing—and interesting for the press—is the fact that the entire ski trip was supposedly an all-male affair.

Kate Middleton news from the Daily Mail described the issue as “boiling” and went on to criticize Prince William’s behavior.

“The images of Prince William getting his groove on with the chicks in a Verbier night club might well be entirely innocent, indicative of nothing more than flirty après-ski fun, but still. How could he embarrass the Duchess so publicly?”

The outlet went on to analyze the situation and speculated that the Duchess of Cambridge is the one who was more exposed in the images and said that she was “made to look like the dull afterthought, a non-person stuck at home with the nappies and the nursery teas while all the fun is happening somewhere else.”

It continued to explain that the prince’s attitude that night put his marriage at risk of public scrutiny and may have just ended that fairytale-like image that it emitted when Kate Middleton married Prince William.

Elsewhere, Kate Middleton news seems to become more viral than ever—particularly her mood during this testy time.


In their first public appearance since Prince William’s ski trip, Kate and her husband attended the St. Patrick’s Day parade in London where she presented shamrock to the members of the 1st Battalion Irish Guards at Cavalry Barracks in Hounslow, per Mirror UK.


Wearing a deep green coat and an Irish Guards brooch, Kate stood beside Prince William—an appointed Colonel since 2011—as he takes a salute from the Irish Guards.

Kate Middleton news from the outlet said that the Duchess and Prince William will proceed with their Paris tour as planned despite the “lads only” ski trip controversy where they will meet with French President Francois Hollande and attend other obligations.

The trip comes 20 years following Princess Diana’s death and will also trigger Article 50 of the European Constitution and mark the beginning of Brexit negotiations where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge serve as “Brexit ambassadors,” according to Mirror UK.

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