Is Kate Moss About To Get Her Own Reality TV Show?

Kate Moss is set to star in a new documentary, which with reveal her day-to-day activities as the most successful model in modern British history.

The release date of the project is still unknown but representatives for the supermodel have confirmed that she is allowing a film crew to follow her around. Moss is currently traveling the world as she promotes her new Rizzoli coffee table book. Whilst on her travels she is also auctioning off prints from it.

Moss is notoriously secretive, and very few details of her personal life have been revealed to the general public. Chris Smith, a Yahoo! showbiz reporter said, “There has always been a public fascination with Kate over the years but up until now she has kept relatively tight lipped over her notorious showbiz lifestyle”

“But now that she’s settled down and happily married perhaps she feels it’s time to lift the lid on what it’s really like to be Britain’s most famous supermodel”

Smith also added, “She’s a shrewd business woman and knows that people are interested to find out more about her- so it’s no real surprise that she’s finally decided to cash in on the public’s curiosity.”

Moss recently conducted an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, where she revealed her heartache over her break-up with Johnny Deep, and the worries that she went through posing nude as a young model. Further details of Kate Moss’ show are still to be revealed, such as which network it will be broadcast on and which country will transmit her programme first.