Real Reason Why AJ Styles Could Be Moving To ‘Raw’ Revealed, Major Trade Coming?

It’s been reported that AJ Styles could be moved to Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania 33, and there is a shocking reason why Vince McMahon wants to move The Phenomenal One from SmackDown to Raw. As this week’s edition of SmackDown Live came to an end, Shane McMahon challenged AJ Styles to a match at Wrestlemania 33. It took AJ throwing Shane’s head through a car window, but the match is happening.

Daniel Bryan “fired” Styles for his actions during the show, but it’s all part of the story. The WWE Universe will have to wait until next week for the next chapter of McMahon vs. Styles, but the fans aren’t thrilled with the rivalry happening at all. Many WWE fans believe the match is more about Shane McMahon’s vanity and not about AJ Styles having a proper match during WWE’s biggest show of the year.

But, the Wrestlemania match between them is going to have a significant impact on WWE programming, so there are reasons to get excited about Shane McMahon vs. AJ Styles even if it isn’t what the WWE Universe wanted. WWE officials are expected to give AJ Styles the win in Orlando, which shouldn’t be a surprise. The surprises are coming after Wrestlemania because Vince McMahon wants to make some major changes after the grandest stage of them all.

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As a result of his attack against Shane McMahon on SmackDown Live this week, Daniel Bryan was forced to fire AJ Styles. The Phenomenal One has been added to the WWE Alumni section of WWE’s main website in order to help sell the angle for the next week. Apparently, this is all part of the storyline for a possible trade between Raw and SmackDown after Wrestlemania. AJ Styles is expected to be the core piece for the trade.

It’s been reported that Vince McMahon is extremely interested in potentially moving AJ Styles to Raw while simultaneously moving The New Day to SmackDown. The last report claimed the next WWE Draft wouldn’t happen until June or this summer. If Vince McMahon wants Styles moved to Raw after Wrestlemania 33, it is likely the storyline with Shane McMahon will be the reason for the trade between Raw and SmackDown.

There are a lot of factors playing into this trade actually happening on WWE television after Wrestlemania weekend. WWE officials could save all roster moves until the WWE Draft in June, but McMahon vs. Styles is expected to have a big stipulation added to the match, which may force the trade to happen much sooner.

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WWE having AJ Styles on Raw would be great for the brand, but the other interesting dynamic of this trade is The New Day moving to SmackDown and the brand’s tag team division. As marketable as the stable has been and how great the trio have been together, it’s undeniable that they have peaked as a group on Raw. It seems that WWE officials are thinking a move to SmackDown could freshen them up on WWE television.

It’s been reported that WWE officials don’t want to break up The New Day. Instead, they want to keep them together and possibly have all three guys work as singles wrestlers and as a tag team whenever necessary. A heel turn is possible, but there are new tag teams for the trio to work with on SmackDown. American Alpha is the top choice, but The New Day could add a lot of depth to the mid-card and the tag team division as well.

With the brand extension, WWE officials will need to make some major changes to the rosters for Raw and SmackDown every so often. Possible trades have been rumored and discussed on WWE programming in the past, but AJ Styles moving to Raw and The New Day moving to SmackDown after Wrestlemania would be a shocking way to change the rosters and bring a lot of excitement after the grandest stage of them all is over.

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