WWE News: WWE Officials Torn On Next Creative Plans For The New Day

The New Day dominated the tag team scene in 2016 and more than half of 2015 to boot. One of the biggest travesties in sports entertainment was when The Usos received the Slammy Award for WWE’s Best Tag Team in 2015 despite The New Day holding the championships longer than Jimmy and Jey. The Slammys were awarded based on fan voting that year and because The Usos were babyfaces, and The New Day were heels, it’s not all that surprising when you factor that in.

The script has since been flipped as The Usos are heels on SmackDown Live while The New Day have been babyfaces since right before WrestleMania 32. As everyone recalls, Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods were originally packaged as a babyface faction spouting the power of positivity in a baptist-style gimmick.

That portrayal failed almost immediately, but instead of pulling them off television completely, the WWE used the backlash from the audience and turned The New Day heel, and they thrived. That heel run spanned nearly a year before the popularity of their act forced WWE officials to turn them face again early on in 2016. Their first program back as babyfaces, of course, came against the League of Nations, which culminated with a match at WrestleMania.

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The most memorable moments from that WrestleMania bout had nothing to do with the match itself. It was The New Day’s entrance and the legends that appeared in the aftermath that stole the show. The New Day actually lost the match, and King Barrett’s promo afterward prompted Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels, and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin to run-in and clear the ring, providing major nostalgia pops along the way.

The League of Nations has since disbanded, and only half of the founding members remain with the WWE. The New Day, on the other hand, have been one of the most successful stables in the company, holding the WWE Tag Team Championships for the entirety of 2016.

Their biggest achievement, of course, came last month when they surpassed Demolition for the longest-reigning tag team champions in WWE history. The record stood for 28 years before The New Day dominated the December 12 episode of Monday Night RAW, winning two separate triple threat matches to break the record. However, their reign abruptly ended six days later when they dropped the titles to Cesaro and Sheamus.

Transitioning them out of the tag team title picture on RAW has proved somewhat difficult for the creative team. After all, The New Day either had the belts or were involved in the title program for the better part of two years. Cesaro and Sheamus have moved on to a feud with Gallows and Anderson while The New Day are filling time with Titus O’Neil.

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And according to a new report from Daily Wrestling News, WWE officials are torn about what to do next with the longest-reigning tag team champions of all time. There is one camp that may persuade Vince to turn The New Day heel, or at least split them up, resulting in one or two of the members turning. But the other camp wants to keep the faction together as the babyface unit as they’re currently constructed.

The main reason to keep them face has to do with their merchandise sales. It’s no secret that fans buy more merchandise for a babyface than they do a heel, and The New Day sells a lot. In fact, they earned more money than any other superstar for merchandise during WrestleMania week last April. However, it’s not nearly as hot as it was at its peak.

All three members of The New Day recently entered the Royal Rumble match, which takes them out of a significant program for the time being. As noted, they’ve been working with Titus for the past two weeks, but that isn’t expected to go anywhere. It’s similar to the first angle Apollo Crews had on the main roster when he feuded with the Social Outcasts, teasing the idea of joining the group.

A decision should come soon with WrestleMania looming. The New Day are among several notable names without a clear direction for the big show yet, although most of that card will be finalized in the next two weeks.

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