Google Pixel 2: Three Fishy Code Names Emerge, Teases Third, Bigger Phone

The Google Pixel 2 is one of the most compelling mobile devices set for release in 2017. Being the direct successor to the tech giant’s first line of premium-priced smartphones, the Google Pixel 2 and the Google Pixel 2 XL are expected to raise the bar in both the quality and performance of mobile devices. While details about the device have been scarce so far, a new series of leaks have emerged containing what appears to be the code names of the upcoming Pixel 2 devices.

The leaks, which were outlined in an Android Police report, stated that the next-generation Google Pixel 2 devices would be code-named Walleye and Muskie, after two popular freshwater fish. The leaked code names of the upcoming smartphones, while unconfirmed by the tech giant, appear to be genuine, especially since Google’s devices have so far followed aquatic creature-themed code names in the past. The Google Nexus 10, for one, was code-named Mantaray, after the beloved animal.

While the details about Walleye and Muskie remain slim, the sizes of the actual fish might provide a clue as to which of the Google Pixel 2 devices the code names would be designated to. The Google Pixel 2 series would most likely feature the successors to the original Pixel and its larger sibling, the Pixel XL. Considering that Muskie is bigger fish than Walleye, there is a pretty good chance that the former refers to the Google Pixel 2 XL and the latter relates to the standard-sized Google Pixel 2.

Considering the nature of the leaks, as well as the fact that they follow the code-naming conventions of Google’s prior devices, the Android Police report stated that the recent rumors are most likely accurate. What is even more compelling, however, is a new report that has emerged from tech-themed website Droid-Life. According to the report, another code name for a 2017 Google device has emerged, and it appears to tease yet another Google Pixel-branded phone.

While the website did not state where the leak of the third Pixel device officially came from, the publication did state that the information came via multiple sources, suggesting that a third flagship smartphone from the tech giant is a very real possibility. As for the code name itself, it definitely appears genuine, considering that it also follows the theme of Google’s previous code names.

Called Taimen, the new code name appears to be referring to yet another Pixel-branded device. The code name itself makes perfect sense since Taimen are aquatic animals of the salmon/trout family. What is interesting, however, is that Taimen are enormous animals. Larger than Muskies and downright dwarfing Walleyes, in fact.

This particular bit of information has practically set the Google Pixel 2 rumor mill on fire, as the third device in the 2017 lineup of the tech giant’s flagship smartphones appears to be pointing to a device that exceeds the Pixel 2 XL in size. Details about the actual size of Taimen remain unknown, but avid fans of Google’s smartphones are speculating that the third Pixel 2 device might feature a screen somewhere around the 5.9-inch to 6.2-inch range.

The Google Pixel 2 is expected to feature a 5-inch display, and the larger Google Pixel 2 XL is speculated to feature a 5.5-inch screen. While 5.5-inch displays have been the norm for large smartphones for years, the emergence of devices such as the Galaxy S8 and the upcoming iPhone 8/iPhone Edition suggest that smartphones with screens beyond 5.5 inches would be the norm for years to come. With this in mind, Taimen, the third Google Pixel 2 phone, might be the device that would address this emerging trend.

Google actually has significant experience with large smartphones, as proven by the release of the Nexus 6, a smartphone with a huge 6-inch display. That device, while it polarized consumers and critics alike, was nonetheless loved by many due to its raw power and practical design, which included front-facing stereo speakers.

With these recent leaks, it appears that Google is dead serious when it comes to the release of its flagship smartphones for 2017. While details about the devices are very few, it seems safe to say that Walleye and Muskie would be worthy successors to the original Pixel and Pixel XL. Taimen, on the other hand, might very well be Google’s surprise hit of the year.

[Featured Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]