‘Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry’ Full Trailer, Bonus Content, Movie Cast And Characters

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, a movie based on the immensely popular manga of the same name, will soon make its debut. In fact, advanced tickets are expected to go on sale within a few days, and hence, promotions for the highly anticipated Japanese movie are in full swing.

The makers have been steadily releasing new information about the anime movie Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry. Apart from the first full official trailer of the Dragon Cry movie, the creators have also revealed some more information about the plot and storyline as well as the voice cast that will be voicing the various characters. If that’s not all, the recently posted trailer also reveals some interesting bonus content.

Incidentally, Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is introducing several new characters in addition to the already extensive list. Given the fact that Natsu Dragneel and his band of trusted comrades from the Fairy Tail Guild move away from their traditional and well-known battlegrounds in search of an artifact, several new characters from the foreign land make an appearance. These characters also play an important role. In fact, some of the new characters help define the movie and offer direction as well.


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Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry anime movie is expected to be released on May 6 in Japan. Advanced tickets sale is expected to begin soon. Although A1 Pictures, the creators of the feature, haven’t confirmed when the sale is going to begin, they did add that buyers will be treated to some special bonus. Early ticket purchasers are expected to receive clear file bonus illustrated by Hiro Mashima. As expected, the bonus content is quite limited and expected to be offered until stocks last.

As reported by the Inquisitr earlier, the story of Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is completely customized for the movie. In other words, although the movie is based on Fairy Tail manga, it is a movie-only story that’s independent of the popular weekly Japanese series. The story has Natsu and the rest of the Fairy Tail Guild members retrieving an ancient and presumably dangerous artifact known as the Dragon Cry. The members, under the leadership of Natsu, are expected to undertake a very dangerous mission as they make their way through the treacherous Stella Kingdom.

Dragon Cry, supposed to be a very powerful artifact, is said to be so potent that it holds the ability to destroy the entire world. The artifact is stolen by Zash Caine, who is voiced by Jiro Saito. Caine brings the dangerous object to King Animus of the Stella Kingdom. The king is being voiced by talented voice artist Makoto Furukawa, who is the voice behind One-Punch Man’s protagonist, Saitama. King Animus has a lovely assistant named Sonya, who is voiced by Aoi Yuki. Incidentally, the entire voice cast of the anime has been called back for the feature film.

Fairy Tail mangaka Hiro Mashima is the movie’s executive producer. He has also drawn almost 200 pages of storyboards for the feature. Tatsuma Minamikawa, who has worked on popular Japanese anime such as Attack on Titan and Gate, is director of Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry. The screenplay of the movie has been penned by series veteran Shoji Yonemura. The character designs have been crafted by Yuuko Yamada.

[Featured Image by Hiro Hashima/Fairy Tail Manga]