Khloé Kardashian Addresses Tristan Thompson Cheating Rumors With Birthday Party

It seems all is well with Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson after the couple celebrated the NBA player’s birthday this week. Kardashian went all out as she threw a gold-themed bash for her beau at his Ohio home on Monday.

Yahoo news reported on the party as Kardashian shared videos and photos on social media. According to the article and online posts, Khloé spared no expense as she planned out all the details of Thompson’s party.

“The NBA star was treated to a glamorous house party that featured giant balloons spelling out ‘Happy Birthday.’ The room was covered in gold sparkly balloons and the table was set with a stunning floral arrangement that served as a table runner.”

In addition to the glamorous decorations, there were gold-plated Kit Kats, meticulously decorated doughnuts, and cookies featuring photos of the couple. Of course, Khloé also shared an intimate look of the party as she and Tristan gazed into one another’s eyes.

In the caption, the 32-year-old Kardashian refers to the Cleveland Cavaliers player as “my love.”

The celebration comes on the heels of some nasty allegations after reports stated Tristan has been secretly sleeping with Jordy Craig— his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his newborn son. Hollywood Life reported on the rumors as sources claim Tristan has been using his son as a cover for his cheating.

“Tristan has been juggling both women this whole time. Whenever he goes to Jordy’s he says it only to see the baby, but he’s still sleeping with her. It’s the perfect cover-up.”

The article goes on to state Khloé would have a hard time accepting Tristan’s infidelity after having been cheated on so many times in the past.

“After all her bad luck with men, Khloe would be too embarrassed to admit she got played again.”

Could this explain why the Kardashian hasn’t publicly addressed the rumors and instead is still lavishing her boyfriend with expensive gifts?

Hollywood Life‘s source stated Khloé believes she and Tristan could have a future together and would be devastated to find he’s been unfaithful.

“Khloe sees a future with Tristan. It would be a real kick to the gut if he’s been hooking up with Jordy behind her back all along. Tristan and Khloe not only make a super cute couple, but things have seemed to be going well between them.”

Perhaps things are still going well for the duo, after all, it’s doubtful Khloé would spend so much effort on making Tristan’s birthday memorable if she truly thought he was still seeing Jordy. While it appears there’s no trouble in paradise for the couple, Hollywood Life readers have weighed in with their opinions.

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Most fans seem to think Thompson would indeed cheat on Kardashian if he hasn’t already.

“Of course Tristan will cheat on her. She is not the baddest chick he has ever slayed and won’t be the last.”

“Khloe falls too hard and too fast. She went of with someone whose lover was expecting his baby. That business was not finished yet, she still fell for him.”

Some readers went as far as to say they hope the cheating rumors are true after Khloé started dating Tristan while Jordy was pregnant with his child.

“Hope the rumors are true because she’s desperate for even going after a Baller who is darn near 10 years younger & who had a baby on the way with another woman.”

In fact, there were almost no comments sympathizing with Kardashian as she was seen as the “other woman” when Thompson first broke up with Craig. Some readers are calling it karma, while others are not surprised that Khloé continues to date men who cheat.

However, the lavish birthday bash leads fans to believe Kardashian has no plans of ending things with the NBA star anytime soon.

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