Is Beyonce Pregnant With Twin Sons?

Beyonce is pregnant with twin sons, at least that’s what her fans believe. Her fans, better known as the Beyhive, have come up with a theory that Beyonce may have given a subtle hint that she is expecting twin boys.

Beyonce has been known to throw subtle hints at her fans, with very few noticing. The musician announced her pregnancy early this year with a surprise picture, and then proceeded to show off her pregnancy glow during the 2017 Grammys.

While pregnant with Blue Ivy, Beyonce was more private and kept herself hidden from the public. Unlike that first pregnancy, Beyonce has been out in the public, surprising fans and attending events.

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Beyonce, The Queen Of Subtlety

The Beyhive figures that Beyonce may be having twin boys, as she posted pictures of herself wearing the same earrings she wore in her hit song, “If I were a boy.” One of the reasons fans may have felt this way, other than the son title, could be Beyonce has not been seen wearing the same clothes twice. They previously figured that she was having a girl and a boy during her announcement. They theorized that her choice of blue and pink underwear was her way of announcing their genders. She told the world that she and Jay Z would be growing their family by two, adding that they were grateful for their well wishes.

Beyonce had previously thrown hints about her pregnancy without any of her fans realizing so. She would put two fingers in the air, which may have made her fans think she was simply showing the peace sign. However, she did it twice, and in one of those times she had emerald rings. Another fan theory was that the emeralds represented May as her due date, as emerald is May’s birthstone. Of course she could simply have been showing the peace sign as the picture was taken several months ago and wouldn’t be realistic.

This isn’t the first time Beyonce caught her fans off guard, she managed to release a surprise album, Lemonade, without any of her fans noticing. The queen had shown several hints by posting pictures of either lemons or lemonade.

However, the latest theory about the boys seems to have really caught on. The star was attending her stepfather’s birthday party and was wearing a black dress and black knee-length boots. Her hair was tied back, showing her earrings quite clearly. The Beyhive paid attention to every detail of her style choices and her big fans were able to recognize that the earrings she was currently wearing were the same ones from the video. They even managed to do a comparison shot so others could see proof of what they had unraveled.

Her fans refuse to be caught off guard this time, but perhaps they should consider that she might be having twin girls. After all, the title of the song is, “If I were boy,” implying that she isn’t. One of her fans said that perhaps Beyonce was just playing with them.

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Beyonce, The Businesswoman

Beyonce is not only the queen of subtle hints, but also a successful musician and a businesswoman. She has her own active wear clothing line, Ivy Park, which according to her website, is creating a new kind of performance wear.

The mogul controls her own music and is also an investor in Jay’s music streaming service, Tidal.

Beyonce, who is a strong believer of women, has also invested in a company called WTRMLN WTR, that, according to her, is the future of clean natural hydration and that the mission is to deliver accessible wellness to the world.

“I applaud the innovative female leaders at WTRMLN WTR, who inspire us with their creativity and their true commitment to elevating our community and culture,” she said.

She added that this would be an investment in female leaders, as a percentage of the sales will be donated to help alleviate poverty.

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