Gaia The Cat Beats April The Giraffe, Delivers Seven Kittens, Watch Live Cams

Gaia the cat's kittens are here

On March 13, 2017, the Inquisitr reported about a brewing feud between Gaia, the pregnant cat, and April, the giraffe. Both Gaia and April are internet sensations and star in their own live streaming cams. The race was set and many viewers picked a side. The question was who would give birth first, Gaia or April. With the reports from the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, stating April was undergoing significant changes, it appeared that April would possibly give birth first. On March 14, 2017, Gaia welcomed seven kittens into the world, but unfortunately one was stillborn. You can watch Gaia’s live cam and April’s live cams below.

Watch Gaia and her Kittens Live Cam

Watch April the Giraffe Live Cam

While April, the giraffe, has viewers filled with excitement and anticipation for the birth of her calf, Gaia’s fans are excited about her new litter. Gaia’s kittens were born on March 14, 2017, in the following order, as shared by the official Critter Room YouTube channel and Facebook page. Included in the announcement is each kitten’s birth weight, gender, and color pattern. Kitten No. 6 was named Tux, and was stillborn.

Kitten No. 1: Cream, boy, born at 3:17 a.m., 117g
Kitten No. 2: Classic/marble tabby, boy, born at 3:37 a.m., 113g
Kitten No. 3: Mackerel tabby, girl, born at 4:19 a.m., 102g
Kitten No. 4: Black, boy, born at 5:12 a.m., 125g
Kitten No. 5: Buff white, girl, born at 5:33 a.m., 101g
Kitten No. 6: Tux girl, born at 10:18 a.m., stillborn
Kitten No. 7: Black, girl, born at 11:35 a.m., 106g

A tabby cat, Gaia’s kittens exhibit a full range of colors. She has two black kittens, one white and one cream colored, and two tabbies. Here is the official update that Gaia’s kittens were born and that Gaia was in active labor, as shared on the Critter Room Facebook page.

You can watch featured videos of Gaia’s kittens, as shared on the YouTube channel BrookIvy3 in the video playlist below.

You can see a close-up photo of Gaia below.

Gaia is a 4-year-old pet cat who is temporarily staying in a foster home while she takes care of her kittens. When they are old enough and given a clean bill of health, they will be adopted out. The live cam has been streaming since March 9, 2017.

The news that Gaia delivered a stillborn has caused many sorrowful reactions. There is very little censorship when watching live animal cams online. This is especially true when watching live cams from the wild. This means that when following a live stream, you’ll eventually be faced with a situation that leaves you feeling sorrowful, shocked, dismayed, or even angry. Though many mourn the loss of Gaia’s kitten, there are six reasons to be excited. The kittens are healthy, cute and are spending a great deal of bonding time with their mother. They are adorable and Gaia is proving herself to be a devoted mother.

You may see photos of Gaia and the kittens in the official photo album shared on the Critter Room Facebook below.

The Critter Room YouTube channel has chat enabled, and many people are participating in lively discussions about Gaia and her litter of kittens. While there is no denying a wave of sadness swept over the birth with the stillborn kitty, the remaining kittens are bringing plenty of joy to those watching.

While the Critter Room didn’t live stream Gaia’s actual birth, like is expected for April, the giraffe, the video will soon be available and added to the playlist.

Are you watching Gaia, the cat, with her kittens or April, the giraffe, via the live cams? Which team are you on, Team Gaia or Team April? Or do you support both? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Africa Studio/Shutterstock]