Switcheroo: Photographer Shoots Couples Dressing In Each Other’s Clothing

Photographer Hana Pesut has couples dressing in each other’s clothing. The couple’s portrait stereotype of adorable photos of smiling couples has completely been turned on its head. She first shoots the pairs standing side by side normally. Then the couples switch their clothing for a second shot.

Hana Pesut searches for photo subjects all over the world. What makes the second shot so mind-bending is that the couples adopt identical poses when making the sartorial switch. The photographer is currently putting together a book of her work. A portion of Pesut’s gallery of couples switch-up shots can be viewed in the video below.

Hana Pesut has a message for those visiting the Switchero website:

My name is Hana Pesut, I am a Canadian photographer. Switcheroo is a self-funded portrait series that I started 2 years ago where accomplices are photographed twice: once in their own outfits and again wearing each others outfits against the same background. I have photographed over 200 switcheroos all over the world (Spain, Japan, France, Austria, Mexico, Canada & US) and am very excited to publish a 64-page book of some of the favorites.

The money raised through this campaign would help to cover costs of the design, layout and printing of the book as well as film and developing- the whole project has been shot with medium format film. My goal is to have the book printed in January 2013 so posters, prints and books would be shipped in February 2013. Thank you for all of your support and generosity!