New Casey Anthony Evidence Promised By Orlando TV Station

Orlando, FL – Casey Anthony is under investigation by Orlando’s WKMG-TV, and news director Steve Hyvonen says the station has “evidence that could have changed the jury’s mind — evidence that points right at Casey.”

Reporter Tony Pipitone filed the story, which Hyvonen says was “never presented in court, because the prosecution didn’t know about it.”

In a promo for the report, Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez, said, “I don’t understand how no one ever knew about this evidence.”

The report will air during WKMG’s 11 pm newscast on Tuesday.

Casey Anthony is currently engaged in a civil lawsuit with Zenaida Gonzalez, who is suing the “Tot Mom” for defamation after Anthony claimed a woman with a similar name kidnapped her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

Anthony is planning to plead the fifth in that case, but her brother, Lee, will have to testify. The trial is scheduled to begin in January 2013.

Zenaida Gonzalez’s attorney, John Dill, said, “Casey Anthony could potentially be held in criminal contempt if she fails to appear. I wouldn’t tempt this judge if I were her.”

Anthony claimed she wasn’t able to get a fair trial in Orlando, as the publicity for her murder trial and subsequent legal trials haven’t died down. Gonzalez’s attorney, Keith Mitnik, said they believed they “can get justice anywhere.” He also said the defense should pay for any costs if the trial is moved.

Under Florida’s civil procedure rules, the party asking for a change of venue has to pay all associated costs.

Anthony’s lawyer said his client is “indigent” and has no source of income to pay the costs of moving the trial.

What do you think WKMG’s new evidence against Casey Anthony could be? Do you think she can get a fair trial in Orlando?