Ezekiel Elliott Suspension Rumors: Could Dallas Cowboys RB Be Suspended By NFL?

Ezekiel Elliott suspension rumors are once again following the Dallas Cowboys around. Elliott getting suspended is exactly what some women’s rights groups are calling for after a video surfaced of him attending a St. Patrick’s Day parade. In the video, Elliott can be seen pulling down the top of a woman standing near him, exposing her left breast to everyone in the crowd.

A report by NBC Sports states that the NFL is still investigating Elliott on domestic violence allegations that were made against him last year. It means that this latest incident might not be the only reason that gets Ezekiel Elliott suspended. There has already been a lot of discussion on social media about the incident, with some people stating that these actions alone should void Ezekiel Elliott’s contract.

Due to Elliott putting himself as the center of attention again, it is going to create even more bad press about the domestic violence allegations against him from 2016. It could also force the Dallas Cowboys to make a decision about the future of the franchise regarding Elliott, though talent on the field often causes teams to look the other way. Could the Cowboys suspend Elliott first to show the league and NFL fans that they take the situation seriously?

Ezekiel Elliott With Dallas Cowboys

Seeing the headline “Ezekiel Elliott pulls down woman’s shirt” isn’t something that has likely gone over well with the Dallas Cowboys’ front office. The franchise has not issued a statement about the incident at the St. Patrick’s Day parade yet, creating additional bad press among the talking heads of sports programs. That Elliott pulled down the woman’s top on video has created a situation that the Cowboys can’t just simply sidestep. It’s something that will have to be addressed very soon.

A report by the Washington Post gave a short Ezekiel Elliott investigation update, further confirming that the NFL has not made a final decision on what to do about the domestic violence allegations. The NFL is working with a new playbook when it comes to allegations such as these, recently making an example of Ray Rice when video surfaced of him assaulting a woman in an elevator. Now Elliott has compounded the issue with a new incident that has confirmed for some football analysts that he may need a wake-up call from the league.

Elliott is fresh off a stellar rookie season for the Cowboys, rewarding the franchise for making him a first-round pick out of Ohio State. He rushed for a league-leading 1,631 yards in just 15 games, posting 16 total touchdowns and an average of 5.1 yards per carry. Elliott then ran for 125 yards in the NFL Playoffs, but the Cowboys came up just short in that single postseason game. At just 21, Elliott was selected to his first NFC Pro Bowl team.

Ezekiel Elliott And Dak Prescott

So will the Ezekiel Elliott St. Patrick’s Day video actually result in a suspension? The answer to that question is a bit complex, and it may end up being a result of what the woman in the video has to say about the incident. No matter what has been reported publicly about the incident, if she feels that what Elliott did was a violation, it would push the NFL to take swift action. She could even receive an invite to meet with the commissioner’s office about the incident to give her side of the story.

Fantasy football owners, Dallas Cowboys fans, and NFL analysts are going to be watching this situation very intently as it continues to play out. If the league decides that it wants to make another example, there is video footage to back up any decision that comes from the commissioner’s office. Until that point, the hot topic of conversation will be whether an Ezekiel Elliott suspension is warranted based on a combination of his past actions and what took place at the parade.

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