Woman Wins Gas for Life

This is one prize that I would like to win.

Crystal Waggy dedicated her career to assisting people with their medical insurance clams as social worker for the past 16 years. It s only fitting that she gets a dose of help herself. In today’s economic situation, what better help can you get but a free gas for life.

So, after winning the grand prize from a Conoco promotion, Waggy wouldn’t have to worry anymore whenever she pumps gas into her car.

Waggy regularly filled up her truck at a neighborhood Conoco, never missing a chance to pick up a game card for the Win Gas for Life promotion.

It took her husband, Mark, a disabled former Marine, to convince her what she was seeing was a set of winning numbers. Having survived three chopper crashes, Mark Waggy knew reality when he saw it.

With the way businesses are gravely affected of the economic downturn, Waggy should pray that Conoco stays afloat. Otherwise, she can kiss her free gas goodbye.