‘Big Brother 18’: Nicole Franzel Unfollows Corey Brooks On Instagram, It’s Over?

Big Brother 18 winner Nicole Franzel made it clear that she wanted a romance outside the house with her houseguest Corey Brooks. It seemed like they were going to make it work, but recent pictures on social media imply that “NiCorey” is over.

Last summer, Nicole Franzel met Corey Brooks inside the Big Brother 18 house. She immediately noted that she found him very attractive, and it wasn’t long until they admitted they had feelings for each other. Brooks wasn’t sure about having a showmance with her because he didn’t want to give her the wrong idea, especially considering Franzel was fresh off a painful breakup with her previous Big Brother 16 showmance with Hayden Voss.

???????? this one is better.

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During the season, they were very close. The Big Brother 18 couple slept, ate, and studied for challenges together. They both felt apprehensive about the relationship but hoped they could make it work.

Toward the end of Big Brother 18, Corey told Paul Abrahamian that he wasn’t sure about a relationship with Nicole outside the house. Paul suggested Brooks talk to Franzel about it because it appeared that she expected them to be an official couple outside the house. Nicole told Da’Vonne Rogers that she had doubts that they would last outside the house. At some point, Corey spoke to Nicole, and she understood that they were just friends and not in a relationship.

Big Brother 18 ended, and Nicole won the season. Over the next few months, Nicole and Corey visited each other, documenting their trips on social media. Big Brother fans believed they were approaching couple status, but nothing was confirmed. NiCorey had a huge following, and most fans wanted to see them make it work.

Just a few days ago, Corey posted a picture with a blonde woman named Tomi Lauren, who is a conservative political commentator. Not only that, Brooks was seen with another woman and, according to the gossip on social media, was “all over her.” They attended a “Make America Great Again” party at a Dallas bar and his behavior was questionable, at best. The scoop crushed NiCorey fans because it seemed to imply that Corey’s relationship with Nicole may have run its course.

On Nicole’s social media, she hasn’t mentioned Corey in months. In December, they appeared on social media together and seemed happy. Several days ago, James Huling posted a picture with Corey with the caption, “@CBSBigBrother reunion, @coreybrooks34 missed you, brother!”

Corey posted several weeks ago that he scored a modeling contract and had to tighten up his workout regime. He hasn’t mentioned or posted pictures with Nicole since December 18 on his Twitter page.

Nicole’s page hasn’t said anything about Corey in quite some time either. On March 5, she unfollowed Corey on all her social media accounts after his friends posted a SnapChat video of him getting drunk, seemingly enjoying life a single man. Franzel seems happy and content, enjoying life as the Big Brother 18 winner. She recently started painting but promised her followers she won’t make it her job.

Don't worry I won't quit my day job, wait do I have a day job?! ????#paintingwithatwist

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Corey’s fear about beginning a romance with Nicole during Big Brother Season 18 was because he didn’t want to hurt her. It looks like something happened between them, but neither one of them has said what. The biggest hint that something happened between them was Nicole unfollowed Corey on all her social media accounts. In his Big Brother exit interview, he said that he didn’t want to commit to a relationship with her, but wasn’t closing the door to one, either.

Big Brother 18 fans, do you think Nicole and Corey were ever dating? Did something happen between them?

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