K-Netizens Claim Photo Of TWICE’s Mina And GOT7’s BamBam ‘Proof’ They’re Dating

When it comes to Hallyu relationship news, 2017 is a year in which K-netizens are the ones calling the shots for who is with who. Unfortunately, a lot of what they think is mere speculation over the most ridiculous notions. For some reason, both BTS and Red Velvet have been targeted for said relationship rumors starting with V and Joy when K-netizens thought V was staring a little too “intensely” at Joy at the 2016 MBC Music Festival. It was followed up when K-netizens thought Jimin and Seulgi were in a relationship simply because of the matching clothes and accessories they wore as seen on their social media pages that equate to “couples” clothing and accessories.

The aforementioned rumored relationships have since been either ignored or denied much to the chagrin of K-netizens. Still, this won’t stop them from speculating and instigating the next Hallyu couple over the most ridiculous notions. This time might be a bit different as they believe Mina of Twice and BamBam of Got7 are in a relationship. It doesn’t help out they have photo “evidence” to back their claim.

The above image is making its rounds on numerous Hallyu communities and forums. K-netizens are using it as ‘proof’ that Mina of Twice and BamBam of Got7 are in a relationship. [Image by OneHallyu and Multiple Forums]

As for where the dating rumors of Mina and BamBam manifested, it is obviously in the same place where most Hallyu dating rumors manifest: Korean Hallyu forums. K-netizens found an image from either Mina or BamBam’s social media account of the two of them together, as reported by Korean news outlet Naver. In it, both K-pop idols are side-by-side, staring just off center of the camera with a filter that gives them drawn-on cat ears, whiskers, and a nose. It is quite cute for a couple’s selfie actually.

JYP Entertainment, the entertainment label and agency both Mina and BamBam are signed with through their respective K-pop acts, were quick to follow-up on the leaked image. They admitted the image was real but firmly denied the two were dating.

“It’s just a photo they took together. They’re just labelmates. We will be taking strict legal measures on matters that defame the artists’ characters.”

As for the legal measures taken, JYP Entertainment most likely does not mean the K-netizens who believe Mina and BamBam are in a relationship, but those who found the image as it is allegedly reported, was obtained through hacking.

Though JYP Entertainment has said both BamBam and Mina are not dating, K-netizens continue to ‘provide proof’ otherwise such as them wearing ‘couples clothing.’ [Image by OneHallyu and Multiple Hallyu Forums]

K-netizens, however, are not satisfied with JYP Entertainment’s statement of Mina and BamBam just being friends. They continue to argue and debate the situation and even “provide proof” the two are indeed a couple. This time, they defaulted to matching clothes and styles as their basis, an argument that was used numerous times by shippers to justify their biased shipped relationship like DARAGON (Dara formerly of 2NE1 and G-Dragon of Big Bang), SongSong (Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo of Descendants of the Sun), and probably the most shipped couple in Hallyu today, G-Dragon and Taeyeon of So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD), also known as SoShi or Girls’ Generation.

Until either Mina, BamBam, or their label and agency JYP Entertainment say otherwise, all the “proof” K-netizens provide is nothing more than speculation. There is nothing wrong with it, though, as shipping couples is just one of the more fun things younger Hallyu fans do. The majority of them will by happy for K-pop idols for whomever they choose to be with, though that statement is more true for international K-pop fans over K-netizens who generally think they own and control every aspect of a K-pop idol’s life.

[Featured Images by JYP Entertainment]

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