The Truth About Susan Sarandon And Jessica Lange’s ‘Feud’

Susan Sarandon may be 70-years-old, but she can masterfully kick someone in the head, according to E! News. Even if that means kicking fellow actress Jessica Lange.

After watching FX’s Feud: Bette and Joan, many viewers could argue that Susan Sarandon and Lange must genuinely hate each other in real life. Susan Sarandon and Lange can’t be in a room for more than three seconds without abusing one another, and it does get physical sometimes.

FX viewers wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the feud between Susan Sarandon and Lange is actually as ferocious and brutal as it is on Feud, as the renowned actresses do make their hatred for one another look very real. But no, it appears that Susan Sarandon and Lange are just two phenomenal actresses, who don’t necessarily need to go into method acting to deliver brilliant performances.

Speaking to E! News, Feud boss Ryan Murphy addressed the ongoing speculation surrounding a possible Susan Sarandon vs. Lange real-life feud. As shocking as it may sound, the American Horror Story boss says that the two actresses don’t go for “each other’s throats” as soon as he yells, “Cut!”

And Murphy was surprised, as he says when the onscreen antagonism is so intense viewers can feel the actresses’ hatred through the screen, one can expect these actors to feud behind closed doors as well.

“And I’ve actually seen that happen on projects where you write antagonism, and then it ends up becoming true.”

But that wasn’t the case with Susan Sarandon and Lange, who Murphy says are “very supportive” of each other when the camera stops rolling. Murphy even recalled how Susan Sarandon once kicked Lange in the head during one scene, and when he yelled “Cut!” to prevent their fight from spiraling out of control, he was “really relieved” to see the two actresses “die laughing together.”

In fact, Murphy admits that often when shooting scenes for Feud, he witnesses something he has never seen two actors do on a show before.

“Like, ‘Was I too tough in that last take?’ ‘You know I don’t mean it!’ Joking. Laughing.”

And Lange herself appears to be surprised that her onscreen feud with Susan Sarandon didn’t grow into a real life feud as well. In her interview with E! News, Lange, who says she had never worked with Susan Sarandon before FX’s Feud, described the experience of working with the Exonerated actress as “wonderful,” because it was “a real ease.”

Lange admits that at first she had thought starring opposite Susan Sarandon would create a “tension” between them as they are working “in a very different way.” But she was surprised to realize that there was no tension whatsoever working with Susan Sarandon.

“We just kind of stepped in and got to work, it was wonderful.”

Lange and Susan Sarandon have known each other since the 1980s, but they had never had the chance to work together before Feud. Sarandon recently made headlines when she said President Donald Trump is starting a revolution, according to Movie Pilot.

Murphy also confessed that Susan Sarandon and Lange’s mutual refusal to take their onscreen feud with them into real life may have been their subconscious attempt to “rectify” and “give a happy ending to Bette and Joan” (their Feud characters) because they become friends at the end of the show.

“It was very sweet. It was very moving.”

Murphy also opened up about the challenges of having two legendary actresses on set at once. While the Feud boss admits that it’s “very fun” to have Susan Sarandon and Lange in their leadership positions on set, they did give him a hard time.

“Because make no mistake, when you’re doing a show with those two, they have a lot of opinions, and they’re always right because they’ve been around the block.”

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