The Kardashian Sisters Are At War Over Dash Stores

Kardashian Sisters Are At War Over Dash Stores

The Kardashian sisters argued over the sale of their store. Kim and Khloe clashed with their older sister Kourtney, as she couldn’t see their point of view. Kim and Khloe were more interested in selling the clothing store to a major department store. Kourtney on the hand seemed offended by the idea her sister were considering and became upset. Her younger sister decided to try and distract her by joking that their clothes weren’t really that good as well making fun of their stores. They told her that the store took up time and effort from their own busy schedules.

Kourtney still believed that the store shouldn’t be sold. She tried to convince her sisters who had already made up their minds about the sale. The argument started to change drastically when Kourtney made it clear that she wasn’t interested in what her sisters wanted. This led to Khloe cussing at her sister and telling her that they had had the store for many years and she proceeded to ask her if she was on drugs.

The store according to their website had been started in 2006 and is operated by Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim.

Dash Store Kept Khloe From Partying

Khloe had said in the past on a blog entry for her app that the store had struggled for a while to become a successful business. She said that there was a time they were unable to pay their bills, adding that the business hadn’t turned profits for years.

Khloe also said that when her father had passed away in 2003 she partied all the time and would be drinking a lot of the time as well. Her mother Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian were running their children’s store and Kourtney found a space right next to the store. Kourtney then gave Khloe the responsibility so that she would wake up in the morning. Kourtney then told Khloe that she would help her and Kim to run the store.

The sisters apparently did not really know what they were doing and were the only ones running the store they had to go and buy business books and ask their friends for advice. They bought their entire inventory and cleaned their store as well as doing their own taxes.

Kardashian Sisters Are At War Over Dash Stores

She revealed that hard work and knowing the value of it was important to their father, adding that that they had to take responsibility for their own success.

Their New York store has already been sold, as it is no longer listed on their website.

Kourtney had expressed to her sister Kim that the reason she didn’t want to let go of the store was for a more sentimental reason, as the sisters started the shop after their father had died and it had given them something to do as a family. The sisters’ saw eye to eye and they were able to reach a compromise as it was more about bonding and kept their store in Miami. The decision may have also made a lot of sense, as it is a tourist destination so it would make more sense if they kept that store.

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap

Aside from arguing over the sell of their stores the latest episode of their show revealed Scott’s latest excuse for his bad behavior. Scott and Kourtney, who have been together for many years, agreed that they would co-parent, but Kourtney made it clear that the two would not get back together. While many of their fans would love for the two to get back together and for Scott to behave himself, it seems that it shall just be a dream. Scott proclaimed that he was a sex addict after the girls confronted him for bringing a woman on their family trip. Kourtney, the mother of their three children, said that she enjoys spending time with Scott as a family. She added that when it came to social scenarios, she didn’t know how to act and that for many years, she has found herself having to be responsible and watching out for his behavior. She said as follows.

Kardashian Sisters Are At War Over Dash Stores

“I really do enjoy hanging out with Scott and the kids because we know what we’re doing.”

Scott said the two were somewhat best friends and that when it comes to social places neither one of them knows how to act and that’s why it becomes uncomfortable.

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