Katie Frates: ‘Daily Caller’ Editor Calls Death Tweet ‘Imprudent’ – No Apology

Katie Frates: 'Daily Caller' Editor Calls Death Tweet 'Imprudent' - No Apology

Katie Frates, an editor and producer at The Daily Caller, is once again causing buzz on Twitter for a tweet that Katie deleted. As reported by the Inquisitr, Katie recently mused about running over Native American and other protesters with her car, wondering how many #NoDAPL and #NativeNationsRise folks she could get away with hitting with a vehicle before being arrested. The backlash against Frates’ threatening tweet was immediate, with screenshots of the tweet that Katie deleted quickly circulating across Twitter and Facebook. As a result of the outrage regarding Frates’ tweet, phone numbers for The Daily Caller also began circulating, with people calling for Katie to be fired from The Daily Caller. Now Frates has finally addressed the melee in a new article published to The Daily Caller, but has not apologized for threatening the lives of protesters by tweeting her imaginations about running over them with her car.

Instead of an apology, Katie published an article on The Daily Caller titled “It’s OK To Be Racist So Long As You Think Someone Else Was First” at 11:10 p.m. on the evening of Sunday, March 12.

“So, I sent a tweet Friday that was imprudent. The left, having decided the tweet was literal violence, and fully resolved to eradicate racism and sexism in the world, proceeded to hurl every manner of racist, sexist insult they could think of. Last week, four days before that tweet, I wrote, ‘Free speech is being attacked since words are apparently the same thing as assault … In 2017, words are considered violence.'”

Frates called her tweet about running over people with a car, which is an act of terrorism that Katie has decried on The Daily Caller, a tweet she sent on Friday that was “imprudent.” The definition of “imprudent” is “not showing care for the consequences of an action; rash.” It means something that was ill-advised.

Nowhere in the 677-word article did Katie offer an apology to any of the protesters that she tweeted about running over, an act that — if it had been carried out beyond the thoughts and publication phase — could have caused serious bodily injury or death. Instead, Frates shifted her response to the responses she has been receiving, and then turned her article to focus on President Donald Trump.

As seen in the above tweet, Katie responded to a person who noted that Frates was contemplating murdering protesters. Katie corrected him by writing that she technically wrote “run over” not “murder” the protesters. As a result, tweets like the above called out Frates for what they felt wasn’t snarky journalism and something beyond just a poor taste of words.

Furthermore, Katie called her “one-off tweet” a tweet “about people causing traffic,” not a tweet about The Daily Caller editor contemplating running over protesters with her car.

“I will never be able to convince those offended by a one-off tweet about people causing traffic that it wasn’t racist. They believe it’s racist, and their reality reigns supreme over common sense. In their minds, no judge or jury is required to convict alleged prejudice.”

Frates turned her focus on the backlash she has received, and nowhere in the 677-word article on The Daily Caller could the words “I’m sorry” or “I apologize” be found. As such, hashtags like #FireKatieFrates are popping up, along with the #KatieFrates hashtag, which is still receiving a good amount of attention and published tweets on Monday, March 13, one day after Frates published her non-apology to The Daily Caller.

As seen in the top photo above, a young protester marched in protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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