Jill And Derick Dillard Traveling Around Central America On New Mission Trip

Jill and Derick Dillard are back in Central America for a mission trip along with their son, Israel. They love doing this and went back, even though Jill is pregnant once again. They revealed that they will be back in the United States before Jill has their baby, though. Now the couple is revealing that this mission trip is a bit different than their last one, and fans are really wanting more details from them. Derick went to his Instagram and shared something that has fans wondering what exactly they are doing now.


Here is what Derick Dillard had to say about their current mission trip.

“Thankful for wifi to connect with family as we’re traveling between countries in Central America with a new team from the States here as ministers of the Gospel.”

It sounds like they aren’t just staying in the one house like they were the last time they were there. The Dillards usually share a few details here and there with fans, so fans are hoping that this was just a tease of more to come from them. Derick hasn’t made any posts at all since then.


Jill Duggar Dillard also went to her Instagram and shared a little about what is going on. Jill shared a photo of her husband, Derick, with another person. Along with it, she said “Keep us in your prayers as we minister here in Central America with a short term team from the US. Visit our website to read our blog updates: www.dillardfamily.com.”

Jill and Derick haven’t posted anything on their blog lately. Their last post was all about congratulating Joseph Duggar, who is courting now. The Inquisitr shared that Joe is now courting a girl named Kendra Caldwell.

Viewers are hoping that Jill and Derick are doing just fine. These two are taking a risk by going to Central American on mission trips, but it is obvious that they feel like it is worth it to them. They love what they are doing and are very passionate about making a difference.

As The Hollywood Gossip shared, Jill and Derick started asking fans for money since they were going back to Central America again. They posted a blog post about needing money for their missions.

“Through our ministry and your support, we can help support local churches, and impact hundreds of lives on a daily basis. Once a week we go into villages hit hard by violence, and provide various skills training for adults, Bible study, kids programs, and crafts. On average we help over 40 adults and children every week.”

After that, Jill and Derick Dillard’s blog went on to explain that they also need money to pay their bills.

“We hope you’ll consider partnering with us in this mission. In addition to the ministry outreach expenses, there are always monthly expenses for groceries, utilities, fuel, healthcare, etc.”

The Dillards haven’t addressed exactly what all is going on, and the fans would feel better knowing what the money is going to.

Are you surprised to hear that Jill and Derick Dillard are doing things a bit different this time around? How do you think this mission trip is working for them? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of the show Counting On when it returns to TLC this summer. You should get to see some of Jill and Derick’s mission trip on this new season.

[Featured Image By Derick Dillard/Instagram]