Beyonce Fears Twin Pregnancy Weight Gain, Her Dieting Plans Revealed

beyonce pregnant weight gain

Beyonce is “freaking out” after being told she’s expected to gain a whopping 60 pounds throughout her pregnancy with twins.

The singer, who announced she was expecting two bundles of joy back in February, is concerned about the weight she’s evidently going to put on in the next couple of months, having already gained a significant amount in recent weeks.

When Beyonce was pregnant with Blue Ivy, a source explains that the singer wasn’t too worried about gaining additional weight, but now that she’s carrying two babies, she’s bigger than what she was by the end of her first pregnancy — and she’s nowhere near giving birth yet.

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According to Hollywood Life, the pregnancy process in carrying two children is bothering Beyonce beyond belief. Her main concern, of course, is that the babies are healthy, but she’s already wondering how she’ll bounce back upon giving birth — it’s going to be an excruciating time to shed all the weight.

Beyonce prides herself for always keeping herself in good shape, having famously told stories in the past about her father Mathew Knowles’ extreme workout program for his daughter and her friends who would go on to form Destiny’s Child.

Working out and eating healthy is all that Beyonce knows, which is why she is struggling to comprehend the fact that she is bound to be the heaviest she has ever been in her entire life, the insider shares.

Hollywood Life adds that Beyonce has already made some plans regarding her eating habits, with one source stressing that the soon-to-be mother-of-three will try to eat as healthy as possible while doing minimal exercises, convinced that it’ll prevent her from gaining too much weight.

“Beyonce is freaked out by how much weight she may gain during the pregnancy. She’s been told to expect to gain anywhere in the region of 60 pounds, and that’s just mind boggling to her,” a source tells the outlet.

“Bey’s first concern, of course, is a healthy pregnancy, but she really doesn’t want to add a ton of extra weight during the process. She’s working out regularly and eating super healthy, so she’s hoping it will be easy for her to quickly shed the weight she does put on.”

Beyonce’s husband Jay Z is said to be supporting his wife throughout this difficult time, with the source continuing to add that the music mogul has been by the 35-year-old’s side at all times. He knows that this isn’t an easy time for Beyonce — carrying twins is never easy, so he’s there to offer all the support she needs.

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“He loves Bey no matter what she looks like, and he’s just reassuring her she looks like a goddess at all times. Jay’s just telling her to chill and not sweat it.”

News of Beyonce’s pregnancy weight gain struggle comes just weeks after Coachella executives confirmed that the “Formation” songstress was forced to pull out of the music festival under her doctor’s orders, USA Today reports. It’s said that Bey has since agreed to perform in 2018 instead.

Beyonce is expected to give birth over the summer, with insiders already claiming that the birth of her twins isn’t going to stop the singer from potentially releasing new music.

There have been rumors concerning a joint album with husband Jay Z for over a year, so it’s still very likely that the project could see a release date sometime this year, with potential plans to head back on the road for a collaborative world tour.

What do you make of Beyonce’s concerns regarding her pregnancy weight gain? Should she be worried?

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