‘RHOA’: Sheree Whitfield Sued Over Unpaid Bills For Chateau Sheree Construction

Sheree Whitfield may have finally finished building Chateau Sheree, after all these years, but it looks like the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is still having a hard time paying for it. Another contractor has joined the legal fight against Sheree due to her lack of payment for their work on her monstrous Atlanta home. Now the bills are adding up, and it looks like Sheree might end up fighting to keep the home she spent so much time building if she doesn’t get her money together and pay the debt.

The stucco company that Sheree Whitfield used for Chateau Sheree is currently trying to get the Real Housewives of Atlanta star to pay up, according to the Atlanta Journal-Consitution. Master Craft Stucco in Buford won a judgment against Sheree’s Sheree Corp. and Blu Management to the tune of $26,000 for unpaid bills after Whitfield failed to make good on what she owed after they worked on Chateau Sheree. And it gets even better.

Remember how Kenya Moore was making fun of Sheree at her own housewarming, and even afterward, when they were feuding over which house is better? Kenya called out Sheree because the house wasn’t even in her name and it turns out that is the truth. Master Craft Stucco claims they have a tax lien on the property, and they aren’t even the first, but that they can’t go after Sheree’s Bravo checks, or any of her other income, because the house is not listed in her own name.

Emory Potter, who is an attorney for Master Craft Stucco, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution last week that they have been trying to secure payment for Sheree Whitfield’s unpaid balance but that “we haven’t been able to find bank accounts to garnish.” They also reported that when collectors showed up at Sheree’s front door to demand payment, she allegedly didn’t have the cash on hand to make good on her bill.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the only contractor who worked on Chateau Sheree who is now looking for payment and coming up dry. As Love B. Scott pointed out, it was Heritage Landscape Group who sued Sheree Whitfield for the $10,012.50 that they claim she never paid them after they did some landscaping work and helped Sheree obtain her occupancy permit so she could move into the custom home.

At this point in the battle over whose house is better, Sheree Whitfield is making it hard not to think Kenya Moore’s house is the better choice. She may not have had her crown molding on point at the housewarming party, but she hasn’t been ducking creditors and making headlines after contractors sue her for nonpayment either. Maybe if Sheree had taken it down a notch with the grand plans for her admittedly beautiful home, she might have a chance to keep it and live in it for a while.

Now, the attorney for Master Class Stucco is looking to work with other contractors who got stiffed by Sheree Whitfield on the Chateau Sheree project so they can work together to try and get the money that they claim she owes them. If Emory Potter is successful in doing so, Sheree could be forced to sell her house in order to pay off her creditors.

If Sheree Whitfield is forced to sell Chateau Sheree in order to pay the people who built it for her, that will give Kenya Moore way too much ammunition in the house feud that she’s been in with Sheree since she came back to Real Housewives of Atlanta for Season 9. Then again, maybe Bravo will take pity on Sheree and bump her pay for Season 10 so she can pay these people off before she loses her house.

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