Jaden Smith Dumps Girlfriend Sarah Snyder After Two Years Together…But Why?

Hollywood heartthrob Jaden Smith has reportedly dumped his long-time girlfriend, Sarah Snyder. Just 18-years-old, Jaden had been connected romantically to 21-year-old Snyder for two years, and not without a fair amount of drama. The pair began dating while Jaden was just 16 and Sarah already a legal adult. On top of that, Snyder has a something of a shady past, full of social media posts involving drug use and even accusations of grand theft (she was later acquitted of those theft charges).

In one photograph immortalized in social media, Jaden’s lady love hammed for a camera with a mouth full of pills that appeared to be Xanax.

In a video that was leaked on YouTube, Sarah Snyder appears to snort cocaine through a rolled up bill.

At one point, it was even widely speculated that Jaden Smith’s easy-going parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith were unhappy with their minor son’s love interest and that his connection with Snyder could be hurting his career. Even so, Jaden and Sarah stayed tight, frequently posting lovey pics on social media and being photographed at fashion shows and other events engaged in serious PDA.

The unlikely duo, one a son of Hollywood royalty just breaking into his own career, the other an aspiring model from the middle of nowhere, were first linked in early 2015. For months now, there have been frequent rumors that the pair was going through a rocky time. Jaden was spotted out with a leggy mystery brunette on his 18th birthday; at around the same time, a photograph of Sarah seemingly in bed with a photographer pal made the social media rounds.

Even amid all of the drama, however, the pair stayed tight-lipped about their relationship and were frequently spotted out as a couple.

All of that romance appears to be over now, and likely for good. As the Daily Mail reported, Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder are said to have officially called it quits – with Jaden making the decision to end things with the blond stunner.

In fact, this time around it appears that Jaden is even talking about his relationship (or former relationship) semi-publicly, or at least with his inner circle. According to BET, as source close to the famous couple claims that their relationship has been a bit rocky for months now. Jaden began raising serious eyebrows when he showed up at Paris Fashion Week solo; checking out fashion shows as a couple was reportedly one of the pair’s favorite pastimes.

Now everyone who was wondering why is getting their answer, and despite the drama that permeated their coupling, that reason is incredibly common and mundane. According to an Us Weekly source, Jaden called it quits because he and his girl Sarah Snyder had “started growing apart.”

“They had been on the rocks for a while … and stopped having shared interests.”

It appears that young Jaden might be looking to move on romantically from Snyder in the near future, too. The star of After Earth may have attended Paris Fashion Week without Sarah earlier this week, but he wasn’t lonely. Jaden Smith was spotted posing with fellow actress Sasha Lane at the Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2017 collection show. Incidentally, Jaden is also a Louis Vuitton model and the first male face of the high-end designer’s women’s clothing line.

While it might appear that Jaden is moving on a little too quickly after his split from his girlfriend of two years, things might not be precisely what they seem. That’s because sources close to Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder confirm that the pair actually broke up two months ago, but are just now going public with their split.

[Featured Image by Diane Bondareff/AP Images]