WWE News: WWE Universal Champion Goldberg Berates Fans At ‘WWE Fastlane’ [Video]

WWE Champion Goldberg Berates Fans At 'WWE Fastlane' [Video]

Goldberg defeated Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship last week and people in attendance made their feelings heard.

A new video has surfaced online of Goldberg getting heated with a group of fans after his 22-second mauling of Owens. While celebrating his victory, Goldberg made his way around the ringside area, slapping hands with fans until he apparently heard some choice words emanate a few rows ahead.

“Watch your language!” Goldberg shouted at the group of belligerent fans. “There’s kids around here. Just ‘cuz you guys are lowlifes, doesn’t mean you need to pass it around.”

At that point, Goldberg seemed agitated and stopped interacting with fans, returning backstage with WWE Universal Championship in hand.


It’s not clear what the fans shouted at Goldberg, or in what context, but the outrage over the 50-year-old Goldberg squashing Owens, the man who held the championship since August 2016, has been vocal. Goldberg is now preparing to likely main event Wrestlemania 33 for RAW’s top prize against Brock Lesnar; Owens will fight his former best friend Chris Jericho for the WWE United States Championship.

Not only did Goldberg walk out of Fastlane as champion, he did so after limited physical involvement since his WWE return last year. Between his Survivor Series squash of Brock Lesnar, Royal Rumble cameo, and title victory last week, Goldberg’s total time in the ring is five minutes and four seconds.

In fact, before taking a vicious F5 from Lesnar on RAW last Monday, the last time Goldberg took a bump inside a WWE ring was, coincidentally, when he took an F5 from Lesnar during their infamous Wrestlemania XX bout in 2004.

Goldberg’s involvement, or lack thereof, with WWE since his departure in 2004 can be encapsulated with one simple statistic. Goldberg’s title win last week came nearly 14 years (4,830 days) after his last world title win at Unforgiven 2003, which is the longest stretch between title wins in WWE history.

By comparison, Hulk Hogan went 3,235 days, The Rock went 3,809 days, Lesnar went 3,837, and Bob Backlund went 3,986 days between WWE championship reigns.


Last October on the 141st installment of Jim Ross’ podcast, The Ross Report, Goldberg spoke about his in-ring return at Survivor Series and potentially being booed.

“At the end of the day, I hope everybody has fun. And if I just so happen to get booed, then, I am surely not going to go out and end my life because of it,” he said (h/t Wrestling Inc). “At the end of the day, it’s other people’s interpretation upon your act at that moment, so if I get booed, then, I’ll take it out on Brock [Lesnar] more so than I’m doing already. And I believe that that’s what we wanted to do to each other when we were booed the last time we met. And I think this time, the gloves, as we say, are off, so this is going to be a war.”

Being genuine has long been Goldberg’s approach to life, whether it be a family man or as an intense monster inside a wrestling ring. But when in the ring, being a superhero for children around the world has been his mission; cursing and edgy behavior are not a part of that image.

As Goldberg explained to The Inquisitr two years ago, being a heel (bad guy) never really happened in his career and he’s glad it didn’t.

“I failed as a wrestler in that I didn’t turn heel but I think I won as a human being,” Goldberg said. “Because if there is one girl or one kid that thinks less of me and doesn’t idolize me because of the fictitious stuff I’ve done in the ring in a negative fashion, I don’t want to risk that. I didn’t reach the level I could have reached but it doesn’t matter to me.”

That’s why Goldberg wasn’t afraid to shout at those fans last week.

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