Louis Tomlinson Facing Six Months Jail: LAPD Report Reveals Possible Conviction

New LAPD reports surface regarding Louis Tomlinson’s alleged assault case, which reveal that he might be facing six months of jail time if convicted.

Earlier this month, news about One Direction member Louis Tomlinson getting arrested over an airport brawl started to circulate online. Arriving back in Los Angeles with girlfriend Eleanor Calder last March 3, Louis Tomlinson allegedly took down a paparazzi photographer and punched a woman, leading to an arrest with a bail set to $20,000.

Louis Tomlinson is back together with girlfriend Eleanor Calder after split in 2015 [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]
Louis Tomlinson is back together with girlfriend Eleanor Calder after split in 2015 [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

A number of speculations and hearsay regarding Tomlinson’s case continued to surface following the arrest, but Metroreports that an official LAPD report has finally made its way to the press.

The Daily Mail was able to exclusively obtain five out of the seven pages of the LAPD report about Louis Tomlinson’s arrest. According to Daily Mail, the other two pages of the arrest report could not be released under LAPD guidelines.

According to the LAPD report about Tomlinson’s arrest, Tomlinson was arrested on suspicion of battery over allegations that he physically attacked photographer Karl Larsen and LAX passenger Ana Becerra Herrera. The brawl was allegedly over Larsen trying to take paparazzi photos of him and his girlfriend Calder.

Louis Tomlinson was arrested right after the brawl at LAX airport [Image by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Wynn Las Vegas]
LAS VEGAS, NV - APRIL 29: Musician/actor Louis Tomlinson arrives at the grand opening of Intrigue Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas on April 29, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Wynn Las Vegas)

Apparently, there are physical manifestations that could prove the assault as the report revealed that Louis Tomlinson sported visibly scuffed knuckles after the incident.

After talking to Louis Tomlinson, his girlfriend, Larson, and other witnesses, the arrest report reflected that Tomlinson apparently grabbed Larsen’s leg, which caused him to fall backward and lose consciousness.

In Tomlinson’s full statement to the police, he admits:

I may have taken [Larson] down, I’m not sure, but I remember we both fell to the floor.

Tomlinson also included in his account that he only pushed Becerra Herrera to get her off his girlfriend. LAPD Officer Tran says:

I asked [suspect] Tomlinson if he recalled ever making any physical contact with Becerra Herrera. Tomlinson stated that he placed his hands on Becerra Herrera and in a pushing motion, pushed Becerra Herrera off of Calder and grabbed Calder to pull her away from Becerra Herrera.

Becerra Herrera only got into the brawl because of her efforts to take the whole Tomlinson-Larson brawl on video. This caused Calder to take measures against Becerra Herrera, which the report details:

Calder stated that she tried to slap the phone out of Becerra Herrera’s hands and may have forcibly remove the cellphone from Becerra Herrera’s hands.

Calder stated that Becerra Herrera started to hit her with closed fists and kicked her. Then they all got into a physical fight with each other. Calder said this was when Tomlinson pulled her away from Becerra Herrera.

After Tomlinson and Becerra Herrera’s brawl, Becerra Herrera emerged from the fight with bruises on her eyelid and ear. The wounds would be consistent with the fresh abrasions on both of Tomlinson’s knuckles that the police noticed during the time he arrested him, which could, of course, go against him during his hearing, The Marshall Town notes.

Apparently, American Airlines representative Dominique Robinson already told Larsen to stop following Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend before the brawl happened, but Larsen refused to listen and continued to snap photos of the couple.

A video of the whole confrontation has surfaced earlier last week, which had many fans rushing to Louis Tomlinson’s side, although two of the three witnesses that gave statements to the police are siding with Becerra Herrera.

Tomlinson has paid his bail upon arrest and as Inquisitrpreviously reported, was advised to stay indoors for the time being until his hearing. Louis Tomlinson is due in court on March 29 and could be charged up to six months in prison if convicted.

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