Are Aliens Sailing In Deep Space On Radio Bursts From Planet-Sized Transmitter?

Eerie radio bursts, like strong radio waves, that are coming from deep in space do not seem to have a natural explanation for their existence. These radio bursts are so strong that a new theory points to their origin as possibly being alien generated. Scientists are particularly interested in one of those radio bursts that repeats itself sporadically from deep in space. It is a radio wave that they’ve named FRB 121102.

According to the Daily Caller, “scientists have long thought that a repeating signal could be an indicator of an intelligent alien civilization.” The FRB 121192 seems to fit that description as it is one of the repeated signals discovered by scientists. Two scientists involved in this radio burst research are Manasvi Lingam and Avi Loeb, who are both from Harvard.

They suggest that these fast radio bursts (FRBs) just might be “extraterrestrial radio beams” that are being used as a source of power for “alien light sails,” according to the New Scientist. The discovery of these radio waves have scientists baffled because they are so powerful and they are coming from so far away.

From what the scientists are seeing, they report that “these radio flashes must have enormous amounts of energy to be visible from that distance.” Dr. Shami Chatterjee is an astronomer at Cornell University and one of the scientists involved in the research. He said trying to locate the source of these radio waves “was like trying to find a needle in a terabyte haystack. It took a lot of algorithmic work to find it.”

If a transmitter does exist, this would not be a small feat of technology, from what scientists know today about the strength of these radio waves. To generate these waves to a strength that allows them to be detected here on Earth from such a distance in space, that transmitter would need to be two times the size of Earth, according to New Science.

That is one gigantic transmitter, one that is hard to picture because of the size it would need to be. Through some deductive reasoning, the scientists don’t think it is feasible that an alien race would build something so gigantic with the hopes of contacting some faraway world. This would be a horrendous undertaking just for the outside chance that they would contact intelligent beings. They suggest that for any alien race to take on a task this size, it would be used for something much bigger and with more purpose. Space travel would fill that bill.

A theory that makes more sense is that these radio waves power a system of travel for alien spacecraft. When these radio waves are pointed at an alien craft, it could sail at tremendously high speeds through space. Are these radio waves the power that is used to operate spacecraft from an alien race?

Dr. Avi Loeb, who is a theorist at the Harvard University-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and who was also involved in the research, released a press statement on this new theory. After scientists tried to find a natural origin for these radio waves to no avail, there was another possibility that is now being considered. He writes, “An artificial origin is worth contemplating and checking.”

Is there a planet-sized transmitter giving off radio waves that are used for pushing along spacecrafts? If that were the case, that beam of radio waves would need to constantly be pointed at the craft. Anyone on Earth observing this would see nothing more than a flash because of the movement of the Earth and the movement of this theorized host planet and its planet-sized transmitter.

A beam that is repeatedly being observed would suggest it is of “artificial origin.” According to, “newly published research suggests that mysterious phenomena called fast radio bursts could be evidence of advanced alien technology. Specifically, these bursts might be leakage from planet-sized transmitters powering interstellar probes in distant galaxies.”

The scientists exploring this theory, which includes a planet-sized transmitter, agree that it would be “viable from an engineering standpoint.” If the transmitter unit was cooled with water, it could withstand the heat given off from conducting this much energy. According to the scientists, energy that strong could melt any “underlying structure.” A device twice the size of the Earth cooled with water could withstand the heat this energy would generate.

So what type of travel could this radio wave energy support? Scientists suggest that with the amount of power involved from their estimations on these radio bursts, they’ve detected this would be sufficient to push a million ton payload or something the size and weight of “20 times the largest cruise ship on Earth.” Lingam said, “That’s big enough to carry living passengers across interstellar or even intergalactic distances.” The scientists admit that this work is all speculative at this point, but it is feasible.

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