Animal Adventure Park Live Giraffe Cam: Wax Caps, Udder Changes Present [Video]

Animal Adventure Park catches April walking around her stall

The Animal Adventure Park’s live giraffe cam is still rolling and millions of people are still waiting for April to give birth to her fourth calf. Zoo keepers have been doing a great job updating the watching world on the giraffe’s progress, but still aren’t sure when her baby will be born. Each day, people have been tuning in to the live feed to see if the internet’s favorite animal has gone into labor.

So far, however, the mama giraffe has been keeping everyone entertained in other ways, eating, walking around, checking in with her mate, Oliver, and staring into the camera outside of her stall. While you might think this sounds boring, it has been incredibly entertaining! Not to mention, April could give birth at any moment — since a giraffe gives birth standing up and these animals only sleep about two hours a day, the feed has been nothing short of addicting!

April the giraffe walking around her stall

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, inclement weather has caused Animal Adventure Park to keep their animals inside, which has actually been April’s preference for the past several days. While the cold temperatures and wind could have played a role in the giraffe’s progress, she has been slow and steady and moving along at a healthy pace, according to the zoo.

The Animal Adventure Park’s live giraffe cam has given viewers an unbelievable opportunity. Being able to watch a pregnant giraffe pre-birth and (hopefully for some) subsequently give birth is pretty awesome!

Pregnant giraffe looks into live cam

On Sunday morning, Animal Adventure Park gave an update on their pregnant star and shared a photo of her underside. From this perspective, people could see the giraffe’s wax caps and her udders. The zoo explained that her udders appear to be filling up but that it’s not too significant — these are just natural body changes that occur before a giraffe goes into labor.

Animal Adventure Park also explained what wax caps are in their Facebook post.

“April and Oliver remain inside during our horrendous cold spell. April continues to be in great condition. Today, we have posted the shot from underneath, to show you our keeper’s perspective. Wax caps are present and udder appears to possibly have more content – another few days of comparative photo will confirm changes. Giraffes do not ‘bag out’ like cows, goats, pigs, or other animals in lactation. It is a very subtle fill and development. Significant baby/belly movement this early morning (3-4am) and again around 7 am.

“Wax caps are what develops on the teats of the udder to keep colostrum in the udder, to ensure it is their for baby’s first nursing. Colostrum is a form of milk that is produced and holds the many antibodies and other essentials to allow any new baby to thrive. Caps are shed just prior or during delivery, or can be removed by the suckle of the baby.”

The Animal Adventure Park’s live giraffe cam has brought people together from all over the world. Each day, thousands of people chat about the giraffe and her calf and have really bonded over this shared experience. For this reason, many have suggested that the zoo name the calf “Unity.” The zoo has previously said that they will take name suggestions from the public once the calf is born. It is presumed that there will be some sort of vote or poll once the zoo picks a few of the best or most requested suggestions.

Do you have any ideas for the Animal Adventure Park’s new baby-to-be?

Have you been keeping an eye on April the giraffe over the past several days? Do you have any birth date guesses? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Featured Image by YouTube]