‘Cash Me Outside’ Danielle Bregoli Gets New Tattoos, Speaks Out After Death Hoax

Danielle Bregoli just got new tattoos and piercings to match her feisty attitude as she finally speaks out about a recent death hoax. The “Cash Me Outside” girl reached out to her fans as she claps back to those spreading rumors of her supposed death.

Earlier this week, Danielle Bregoli took to social media and flaunted her new tattoos and piercings amidst her death hoax controversy. The 13-year-old viral sensation treated her fans with a glimpse of her tiny heart-shaped black tattoo on her ring finger and a larger one on her upper arm. Danielle Bregoli also flaunted her lip and tongue ring. However, it remains unclear whether the tattoos and piercings are permanent or temporary.

Danielle Bregoli gets new tattoos and piercings.
Danielle Bregoli sports new tattoos and piercings. [Image by Daniell Bregoli/Facebook]

Danielle Bregoli flaunted her new accessories just in time for her feisty response to a spreading death hoax. The “Cash Me Outside” girl took to her Instagram account and posted a blunt video response to clarify her death rumors, saying, “I’m alive motherf**kers!” The said post already gained over 3 million views and still counting. Fans and critics alike also flooded Danielle Bregoli’s comment section, expressing various views about the aspiring star and her death hoax.

One user slammed Danielle Bregoli for her alleged publicity stunts, saying, “This was all fake are you kidding… you were never hacked… you just wanted to get people’s attention cause your fame is done for… sorry boo you aren’t famous really no more. you died out… but nice try trying to fake the hacking and trying to come back. lmao you ain’t gonna get famous again sorry.” Another user bluntly stated, “What’s next? Teen moms? Anything to remain relevant huh? And sadly your mother supports that foolishness. Praying for u baby girl.” Another even criticized her tattoo, saying, “So, tattoo at 13? Is that really a role model the world needs right now?”


It can be recalled that Danielle Bregoli became the latest victim of celebrity death hoax. Rumors claim that she committed suicide after being bullied following her controversial appearance on the Dr. Phil show. The said episode revealed Danielle Bregoli’s wild attitude and blurted out the infamous line, “Cash me outside, howbow dah?”

The same episode also shot her to fame as she quickly went viral. In fact, reports suggest that Danielle Bregoli is all set to star in her own TV show. Apparently, the internet sensation is already in talks for the possible project. According to reports, there are seven production companies who already expressed interest in working with the teen — four of them are eyeing a reality show while the other three proposed a scripted series. However, it remains unclear if Danielle Bregoli and her mom, Barbara Ann, have already decided on which deal to sign.


The rebellious teen also made appearances in various music videos including Kodak Black’s “Everything 1k,” Stitches’ “Lost My Mind,” and the controversial Mook Boy’s “Juvi.” Danielle Bregoli and her mother are also capitalizing on their newfound fame, allegedly cashing in at least $30,000 for appearances in the U.S. and $40,000 for international gigs. There were even claims that an NYC bar offered her $5,000 for an appearance but declined the offer and allegedly laughed at it.


Danielle Bregoli is set to make a meet-and-greet session at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in Miami this May. The said event will also feature some of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry including Future, Kendrick Lamar, and Kodak Black. The company who spearheaded the said event also landed a deal to throw Danielle Bregoli’s 14th birthday bash this March and split the ticket sales.

Check out Danielle Bregoli at Mook Boy’s “Juvy” in the video below.

[Featured Image by Danielle Bregoli/Facebook]