Deadpool & Wolverine Bromance? Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Troll Each Other

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman – better known as Deadpool and Wolverine – appear to have a pretty adorable bromance going on as the two proceed to troll each other all over social media.

Per The Huffington Post, the harmless and fun-natured trolling back and forth between the Deadpool actor and Logan actor gives off serious bromance vibes. Given the fact that Deadpool – played by Ryan Reynolds – is known for having a foul mouth and being hilariously witty, most fans aren’t surprised to learn of this brewing bromance between the two actors. In fact, Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, is frequently the target of Deadpool’s jokes.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman

In one trailer teaser of the movie Deadpool, Ryan Reynold’s character can be seen slamming Wolverine. Because the video contains adult language, it can’t be displayed in this article. But, you can view the trailer teaser directly on YouTube. In the video, Reynold’s character appears to be saying a few words regarding Australia Day. Reynolds points out the only flaw with Australia is the fact that they provided the world with Wolverine.

For anyone who has actually seen the Deadpool film, you know Ryan Reynold’s character had several Wolverine-themed jokes throughout the movie. One of the more notable being when Ryan had a picture of Hugh Jackman’s face taped to his own face when his love interest took off his mask in an attempt to see what his face looked like.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds meeting at an X-Men screening
'Deadpool' and Wolverine bromance [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Image]

Anyone who takes a peek at Ryan Reynold’s Twitter profile will see that the Deadpool actor seems to be a little obsessed with Wolverine and Hugh Jackman. This only strengthens a Huffington Post speculation that the two have a bit of a bromance going on.

In one example of how the two troll each other on social media, Hugh Jackman shared a picture of himself on the social media platform while he was in Beijing promoting his latest – and more notably his last – movie as Wolverine, Logan.

In the photo on Twitter posted a few days ago, Jackman thanked Beijing for providing him with such a wonderful stay. The next day, almost 24-hours after Hugh originally posted the picture, Ryan Reynolds just couldn’t help but reply to it.

In the tweet above, the Deadpool actor comments on the fact that the people standing behind Hugh look more like they are protesting Wolverine than celebrating him.

Now, some celebrities could – and probably would – take the Deadpool sense of humor the wrong way. Over the nearly two decades that Jackman has had the pleasure of portraying Wolverine, he had embraced Ryan Reynold’s sense of humor instead of being offended by it. As such, Jackman responded to what Ryan had to say about his picture in Beijing.

Hugh’s positive and playful attitude toward Ryan Reynolds likely has something to do with the fact that the Deadpool actor has been trolling him for a pretty long time. Only strengthening the fact that these two clearly have an adorable bromance going on.

In February, Jackman tweeted the following:

About seven hours later, the Deadpool actor responded with the following tweet:

Now, it might seem like Reynolds is always the one to start the trolling. This, however, is not the case. Back in December of last year, it was Jackman that initiated the bromance trolling when Reynolds received the honor of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hugh made a video with himself wearing a mask of Ryan’s face as he urged everyone to pee on the Deadpool actor’s star.

Hugh Jackman also took to Twitter to troll Ryan Reynolds on his birthday last year as well.

In November of last year, Hugh even slammed someone else for sharing Wolverine-themed art simply because Deadpool was also in the piece.

As most probably won’t find it too surprising that Ryan Reynolds had a very Deadpool-themed response:

Do you think there is a Deadpool and Wolverine bromance going on between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman?

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]