‘Catfish: The TV Show’ Season 6, Episode 2 ‘Alante & Nevaeh’ Recap [Spoilers]

Season 6, Episode 2 of Catfish: The TV Show titled “Alante & Nevaeh” aired on MTV on Wednesday, March 8. Per the synopsis of Episode 2 on MTV’s website, “Alante & Nevaeh” is about a man who plans his life with a woman he fell in love with online eight years ago. The man made the decision to reach out to Nev, Max, and the Catfish crew after the woman he was in love with – and had talked to for eight years – suddenly disappears.

For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of watching Season 6, Episode 2 of Catfish: The TV Show, you may want to discontinue reading as the rest of the article will contain spoilers. If you have watched “Alante & Nevaeh” or you do not mind spoilers, keep reading for a recap on the second episode of Season 6.

Five minutes into the episode, Nev and Max learn that Alante has video chatted with Nevaeh. However, Nevaeh is always in a dark room – or they video chat at night. She makes up excuses as to why she can’t turn the lights on. So, Alante never actually gets to see her face despite the fact that they’ve video chattered multiple times.

Max records Nev having an interesting phone call

So, at this point, most Catfish fans would assume that while there aren’t really any concerns that he’s talking to a man instead of a woman – she probably isn’t the girl in the picture. Though, there certainly have been a few times in the history of the show where the person – surprisingly – ended up being the person in the pictures despite being so shady and unavailable.

Alante reveals that he has been emotionally off the market to other girls for the last eight years because he is in love with Nevaeh. He also revealed that he had recently gotten sick and had to go to the hospital. He says the doctors told him he was dehydrated, but he believes he was just stressed out with the whole situation with his mystery internet girl. After ending up in the hospital, he decided it was time to reach out to Nev and Max to finally get the answers he’s been waiting for.

One of the other Catfish crew members showed Nev and Max a new trick they could use to look at the mutual friends Alante and Nevaeh shared. Nev and Max quickly noticed something strange – they had dozens of mutual friends. Nearly 50. The Catfish hosts decided to send every single person a message with the hopes that someone would respond with how they knew Nevaeh.

Max Joseph and Nev Schulman arrive at the Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "We Are Your Friends" at TCL Chinese Theatre

Unfortunately, as people started to respond to the messages Max and Nev sent out – they got news they didn’t really want to hear. It appeared as if Nevaeh was messaging and flirting with males all over the town Alante lived in.

Is Nevaeh the girl in the pictures? Why does Nevaeh keep disappearing and refusing to meet up with Alante in person given that they live so close to each other? Is she mass catfishing the men of this town?

Max and Nev – with Alante’s blessing – decided to just call and text this mystery girl and ask her to contact them with the hopes of meeting up and finding out the truth. While waiting for her to contact them, they get a call from another girl asking to meet up with them. The girl claims to be good friends with Nevaeh and knows she’s been catfishing people. After Max and Nev nudge her, she calls Nevaeh who, in turn, agrees to meet up with them. So, the hosts of Catfish rush to catch Alante up to speed before heading out to meet this mysterious girl.

When they arrive at the meeting spot the girl they approach isn’t the mysterious girl they met before or Latoya who they also suspected. It is, however, someone they met earlier in the episode. Nev, Max, and Alante end up walking up to a girl named Ericka – who you may remember from earlier in the episode as Alante’s god sister. When Ericka spoke to Nev and Max she talked about how she couldn’t wait for Alante to finally clear things up and “get closure” on everything.

Ericka reveals that her friend wanted to date Alante, but she didn’t think it was a good idea so she had added him to the Nevaeh profile to prove to her friend that he would talk to other girls on Facebook. Ericka also revealed the profile was something she had created in high school and all of her friends had used it to test their boyfriends to see if they were loyal. The profile wasn’t made just for Alante. She just used it on him because it was convenient.

After everyone cools down and they meet the next day so he can ask her again – why did she do this, she tells a bit of a different story. Ericka talks about how if someone hurts her she will, at some point in time, get them back. At this point in time, the hosts of Catfish ask her if Alante had hurt her at some point in time. He claims he didn’t. She, however, opens up about how she dated a friend of his off-and-on for seven years and his friend told Alante the relationship wasn’t serious, but he never bothered to tell Ericka that. She claimed to be hurt that he wouldn’t tell her the truth about the relationship she was in with his friend.

Ericka does finally reveal another part of the reason why she pretended to be Nevaeh. Her story, being the same as a lot of other people on Catfish, was that she has some self-esteem issues. She mentioned that people would tell her she was pretty even though she was dark or short or kind of chunky. Being Nevaeh gave her a chance for people to want her.

At the end of the second meeting, Alante makes it clear he wants nothing to do with Ericka and there is no friendship anymore. So, she says goodbye and leaves. Five months later, however, when Nev and Max call to catch up – the two are in the same room. It appears as if they’ve worked out their differences and are friends. Just friends. Despite Nex and Max continuing to point out the fact that they could be more.

Episode 3 of Season 6 airs next week on MTV. Will you be watching it? More importantly, what were your thoughts on Episode 2 of the Season? Please share those thoughts with us in the comment’s section found down below.

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