Lay Z Gaga Calendar Features Lady Gaga’s Doppelganger Dog

Lady Gaga has inspired millions of fans, and at least one dog, with her flamboyant costumes. The Lay Z Gaga: Bred This Way Calendar features Max, a 7-year-old little monster, dressed up in some of the singer’s most famous looks.

The Lay Z Gaga calendar was created by Photographer Lara Jo Regan and the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary.

Regan said:

“Max just seems like a gay, aging aristocratic diva… When we got his hair cut, there was just something about him that made us think he would be a Lady Gaga fan and dress like her, except he doesn’t really have the budget. I started joking around with my husband thinking if a dog was a Lady Gaga wannabe, and they were overdrawn at the bank, how would they concoct their outfits?”

Max puts on Lady Gaga’s famous bubble gown, her over sized pink sunglasses, her bird’s nest hairdo and of course, the infamous meat dress.

Lay Z Gaga writes on her website:

“Raised on a diet of reality shows, lame blogs and sound bites, Lay Z GaGa aspires to be a fashion and performance icon like her famous human counterpart… but without the discipline, drive, cash flow or work ethic.”

You can buy a Lay Z Gaga calendar for $13.00 here or check out some of the photos below.

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