PewDiePie And Donald Trump Wage Similar War Against Media

PewDiePie and U.S. President Donald Trump are waging an exhausting war against the "motherf***er" media, according to Polygon. YouTube's biggest star joins his fellow powerful public figure to give the press the middle finger, literally.

PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, made headlines last month for being labeled a Nazi and anti-Semitist.

The Wall Street Journal published a story in which it pointed at PewDiePie's videos featuring Nazi and anti-Semitic content, forcing his major business partners, including Disney and YouTube, to cut business ties with YouTube's biggest star.

PewDiePie, who has more than 50 million subscribers, reacted to the news by uploading a video on his YouTube channel, in which he lashed out against the media and gave them the middle finger, while calling them "mother***ers."

After the Wall Street Journal published the article pointing at PewDiePie's videos that included Holocaust jokes and Nazi images, Kjellberg, who made an estimated $15 million in 2016 from his YouTube videos, lost at least two major business partners.

YouTube canceled the second season of his web TV show Scare PewDiePie and removed him from Google's Preferred ad network, which attracts advertisers.

While YouTube severing business ties with PewDiePie is already enough to substantially lower his earnings on the video streaming platform, Disney-owned Maker Studios also announced it will no longer work with the YouTube star.

But even though PewDiePie has no access to higher-paying advertisers now, he still has plenty of access to convey his thoughts straight to his audience – in the best tradition of Trump, who bypasses the press to speak to his audience directly on Twitter.

PewDiePie, who has an enviable presence on both Twitter and YouTube, uploaded an 11-minute video, in which he slammed the media for being "scared" of internet personalities, according to the Business Insider.

If the Wall Street Journal had simply published the article pointing at PewDiePie's Nazi and anti-Semitic language in some of his video and made no further actions, Kjellberg wouldn't have made such a big deal out of it. But the Wall Street Journal went further than that and reached out to PewDiePie's business partners without the YouTube star's permission and warned them that one of their brand partners is posting insensitive material in his videos.

In his video, PewDiePie shattered the media in every way possible and says that it's the media's fault that people are now upset. And then came the middle finger pointed to all media outlets out there that have been spinning the Wall Street Journal's article.
"Nice try, Wall Street Journal. Try again, mother***er."
But PewDiePie is not going to stop making videos just because the Wall Street Journal reported on his content or because several of his major business partners have abandoned him. The YouTube star still has a large audience and the media will keep an eye on PewDiePie's content, slamming him and accusing him of posting insensitive material every now and then.

If Donald Trump is any indication, it's the media's job to focus on influential people like PewDiePie. Trump – who is considered to be the most powerful person in the world – has the same kind of brawl with the press.

The U.S. President has tried many times to bypass the media in order to convey his thoughts to his audience. With the use of Twitter, Trump tries to prevent media outlets from distorting his messages – though they keep reporting on his Twitter quotes and still make big stories out of it.

Both PewDiePie and Trump find themselves waging the same war against the media. While Trump doesn't trust the media as he wants to be in total control over the tone of his quotes, PewDiePie wants people, and people alone, to discuss his actions online.

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