WWE News: Finn Balor Returns To Ring In Match Involving Triple H, Samoa Joe

On Friday night, the WWE Universe got to see “The Demon” Finn Balor make his big return to the ring. Not only was Balor in the ring, but he was part of an actual wrestling match which involved several other big name stars. Balor was part of a six-man tag team match and the opposing team also has fans wondering about whether a new WWE stable is starting up soon.

According to Cageside Seats, Balor made his return to WWE action at a live event held in Buffalo, New York. As mentioned, Balor was part of a three-man team which also included Chris Jericho and Sami Zayn. Their opponents were Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, and none other than, “The Game” Triple H. The Game’s involvement in the match, along with Owens and Joe, is another interesting concept to ponder.

WWE star Finn Balor returned at Buffalo WWE event

Various photos and videos have hit Twitter showing Balor’s entrance on Friday night. While he didn’t show up in his “Demon” garb, the house show still had a great looking entrance for the first-ever Universal Champion.

As WWE reported following the event, Balor and his team won the bout in Buffalo. Following the big return match, the WWE Universe welcomed Balor with open arms. The Demon was all smiles as he made his way over to fans at the show to pose for selfies. He even signed a replica of the championship belt he held for just a day before the unfortunate injury news caused him to relinquish it.

Balor has been officially out of action ever since the night after he won that WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam. A bad right shoulder injury hit Balor during the event when he landed awkwardly against the crowd barrier after being thrown by opponent Seth Rollins. The injury was determined to be severe and required surgery to repair the damage.

That prognosis resulted in Balor having to give up the championship belt, which Kevin Owens ultimately won thanks to head honcho Triple H betraying Seth Rollins. One has to wonder if Balor is going to want his title shot once he gets back to the main roster, although that title is being decided between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33.

Speaking of Owens and Triple H, them teaming up at the live Buffalo event along with one of Balor’s former NXT foes, Samoa Joe, is an interesting bit too. There have been WWE rumors recently that this trio might be a new sort of stable that wreaks havoc on the rest of the Raw roster in the coming weeks. Even though Jericho was involved in the team-up with Balor and Zayn, one has to wonder if maybe Seth Rollins was meant to be in someone’s spot in this match, until he suffered that knee injury on Raw.

Finn Balor relinquishes WWE Universal title on RAW

Balor’s return to the ring certainly raises the speculation of when he might return for a televised show or WWE Network pay-per-view. Balor was drafted as a member of Monday Night Raw, but has only been on a few weeks of episodes leading up to SummerSlam due to his injury. He’s been mostly rehabbing his shoulder over the past few months, but rumors have been swirling. There had been initial buzz that he might show up as a surprise entrant at the 2017 Royal Rumble match, but that never occurred.

Balor is being advertised for more WWE house shows in the coming weeks with the “WWE Live Road to WrestleMania” events. Next Friday, he’s scheduled as part of the Syracuse show and then Allentown, Pennsylvania, the next night. Balor is also shown on WWE’s website for events in April, but cards for all of these events are always subject to change.

These latest appearances certainly could point to Balor returning very soon. That could mean on one the Raw episodes leading to WrestleMania, or at the celebrated pay-per-view itself. However, WWE generally seems to love bringing in huge surprises for the night after pay-per-view events, so he may show up the night after Mania. Either way, it certainly is exciting news that Balor looks ready to get back into the wresting ring for WWE.

[Featured Image by WWE]