Angelina Jolie Not Cause Of Friendship Troubles For Brad Pitt And George Clooney

Although there have been ongoing claims that Angelina Jolie was the cause of the demise of the bromance between her estranged husband, Brad Pitt, and A-list actor George Clooney, the rumors are now being stamped out as false.

Despite a recent report by Life & Style, Gossip Cop has done the dirty work to discover that the tabloid has fabricated yet another story about the stars.

The tabloid claimed that an insider learned that Pitt was seeking to rekindle his friendship with Clooney after not having any contact with his pal for over six months. The publication stated that Angelina Jolie was the culprit in throwing the wrench in the relationship, after having become jealous of Clooney’s wife, Amal’s, success as a human rights barrister.

Gossip Cop reminds of the false claims made by Life & Style.

“A so-called ‘source’ tells Life & Style that the Ocean’s Eleven co-stars stopped talking while Pitt was married to Jolie because she ‘couldn’t stand being around Amal, not because Amal was unkind or rude, but solely because Angie was filled with envy.'”

The tabloid goes on to state that Jolie has resentment towards Clooney, due to the fact that Amal is “educated, accomplished and well-respected in the political world, while Angelina knows people still think of her as an actress above everything else.”

The source continued to claim that Angelina was guilty of speaking poorly about Amal to friends and that George became frustrated and angered that Brad wouldn’t stand up to his now-estranged wife.

“George was really upset that Brad couldn’t tell his wife to be kind and accepting of Amal,” the tabloid stated.

The “source” also stated that Angelina had been opposed to Brad attending George and Amal’s wedding in Venice back in 2014, even though he and Angelina were filming By the Sea only four hours away.

Gossip Cop has since connected with a reliable source close to the stars who insists that the story put forth by the tabloid is completely untrue. Life & Style has been busted by the gossip policing site in the recent past when the tabloid claimed that Jolie was giving Pitt full custody of the children. Additionally, it was the same site that claimed Brad had called Angelina phony after her sit down interview on Good Morning America last month.

Angelina and Brad have endured a difficult few months, all while in the public eye. Angelina announced she was filing for divorce from the Allied star in September, and also stated that she would be seeking full physical custody of their six children.

Brad was then made the subject of an FBI investigation due to an alleged intoxicated incident on a private jet when Pitt reportedly was aggressive towards 15-year-old Maddox. Pitt was cleared, yet the dramatic situation continued for the two. Since Brad and Angelina agreed to seal court documents, there has been less in the press about the proceedings, which has likely led to less stress for the former couple and their kids.

While on Good Morning America, Angelina Jolie spoke out for the first time about the divorce and how the family was coping with the challenging time. The U.N. envoy and actress became emotional describing the tumultuous time, yet admitted that she still believes Brad Pitt is a “wonderful father,” as she once stated.

New York Daily News reminds of Jolie’s words during the interview.

“We are, we are focusing on the health of our family. So we will be, we will be stronger when we come out of this because that’s what we are determined to do as a family. We will always be a family.”

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