Is Danielle Bregoli Dead? ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Victim Of Viral Death Hoax

Danielle Bregoli is not dead, but those who took to the internet in the past few days may have been fooled into thinking the “Cash me outside” girl had taken her own life.

Some viral reports claimed that Bregoli took her life after bullying that came after her now-famous appearance on the Dr. Phil show. The 13-year-old uttered the viral threat “Cash me outside, howbow dah” and has since become a famous figure with a fast-growing social media following.

That apparently made her a target for hoaxers, who spread false reports that Danielle Bregoli was dead after committing suicide. The rumors grew to the point that the “Cash me outside” girl decided to address them herself, In Touch Weekly noted.

“The 13-year-old took to her Instagram account to inform fans that she is still alive, contrary to internet rumors that she was found dead.

“‘I’m alive motherf***ers!’ she said in the short video clip.

“Many believed that she committed suicide earlier this year after being bullied thanks to her Dr. Phil episode — which displayed her wild behavior and birthed her signature phrase, ‘cash me outside howbow dah?'”

This is not the first time that Danielle Bregoli has faced a viral rumor. At the same time her death hoax was spreading, a separate report claimed that the 13-year-old had dropped out of school to pursue her career as a social media personality.

The report appeared to be generated from a Twitter account claiming to be Bregoli, bragging about the money she had made and hinting that she was done with her education even before entering high school.

“Who needs school when your rich,” the Twitter post noted, showing pictures of Bregoli fanning a wad of $1 bills.

That appeared to be a hoax as well. Danielle Bregoli actually has a different Twitter account than the one that posted the claim that she dropped out of school, and her real account is actually verified.

Many believed the rumor to be true after reports that the “Cash me outside” girl is commanding quite a pretty penny for her services. The 13-year-old has been making public appearances, and Hollywood Life noted that she’s making a small fortune for it.

“Danielle is reportedly getting paid over $40k to make an appearance at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in May, according to TMZ. That’s just for one appearance! The owner of the company throwing the festival also told the site he will be throwing Danielle’s 14th birthday party in March and she’ll get a cut of the ticket sales for that too. Apparently, Danielle’s representation says for an appearance in the U.S. she wants around $30k and you’ll have to fork up $40k for her to go overseas for an appearance.”

The reports claiming that Danielle Bregoli was dead followed a recent trend of celebrity death hoaxes. In the last five years or so, a number of false reports have struck celebrities, athletes, and politicians, some of them getting massive coverage online.

These death hoaxes sometimes originate on parody news websites, while others are just started by someone seeing how far they can get a rumor to spread. There have been a number of celebrities targeted, and some like Will Smith and Morgan Freeman have been hit multiple times.

Even though the “Cash me outside” girl has come out to squash the viral death hoax rumors, it is doing little to stop it from spreading. There are still reports circulating online that Danielle Bregoli is dead, with many fans expressing sympathy.

[Featured Image by Danielle Bregoli/Instagram]