Beyonce: Jay Z Allegedly Bans Sister Solange From Birth Of Twins

Beyonce’s husband, Jay Z, has banned her sister, Solange Knowles, from the birth of their twins later this year.

Jay Z is not about to share the delivery room with his sister-in-law, Solange Knowles. An insider had said that Solange had “begged Beyonce to let her be her birth partner.” Beyonce and Solange are known to have a very close relationship, with Solange ecstatic about Queen Bey’s birth announcement last month.

Beyonce was open to the suggestion of allowing Solange to be her birth partner, but Jay Z was having none of it. Jay Z gave Beyonce an ultimatum about her sister in the delivery room saying, “It’s her or me!” according to Radar Online.

Two Reasons Jay Z Doesn’t Want Solange At Birth of Twins

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It’s no secret that Jay Z and Solange are not each other’s big fans, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it has created a scenario where Beyonce has to choose between her husband and her sister. According to the Radar Online source, there are two reasons that Jay Z has for not wanting Solange at the birth of his and Queen Bey’s twins.

“Jay and Solange still have a tense relationship and he just doesn’t like being in the same room as her.”

The brother and sister-in-law still have the 2014 fight lingering over their heads, when Solange attacked Jay Z in an elevator while Beyonce was present. The Daily Mail reported then that the “row was sparked by Jay Z.” In 2016, after Beyonce released “Lemonade” the Daily Mail also speculated that the lyrics confirmed why “Solange lashed out at her brother-in-law.”

The second reason that Jay Z does not want Solange Knowles in the delivery room with Beyonce is that he wants to be there.

“He’s told Beyonce these are his babies too and he wants to be there when they’re born, but he doesn’t want Solange ruining his big moment with some mean wisecrack at his expense.”

Beyonce: Diplomat and Peacemaker

Beyonce decided that she agrees with her husband. Jay Z is after all the father of their daughter Blue Ivy, and he does need to take preference over Solange at the birth of their twins later this year. According to Rincon, Beyonce agreed with Jay Z to ban Solange from the delivery room and is “totally on board with Jay and had to let Solange down gently.”

Has Jay Z Backtracked on Beyonce “Calling The Shots” About the Birth?

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According to a Radar Online article last month, Jay Z wants Beyonce to have a stress-free birth experience from Blue Ivy’s birth which was dramatic.

“Jay Z wants this to be the most stress-free delivery ever.”

Jay Z was reportedly letting his pregnant wife plan the birth and was going along with it.

And what is the 35-year-old icon planning for her birth this time around?

“She really wants to have her babies at home in Los Angeles.”

“After all the drama that she went through in New York when she delivered Blue Ivy, Beyonce and Jay Z do not want to deal with a hospital.”

Jay Z made a decision to support Beyonce in this pregnancy. But has he now backtracked and decided not to let her call all the shots?

“He is on board with whatever Beyonce wants at this point because she is calling the shots about everything surrounding the birth of these twins.”

Jay Z Joins Beyonce in SoulCycle Classes

Jay z, 47, is so dedicated to taking care of Beyonce during the pregnancy that he “almost always” joins her SoulCycle spinning class. According to Hollywood Life,Beyonce has been working out almost every day.

“The ‘Formation’ singer has been working out like crazy, reportedly hitting the bikes at SoulCycle almost ‘every day.’ ”

“Bey and Jay still keep a low profile when stopping by, as onlookers claim they sneak into classes when the lights are down and leave early.”

With Jay Z this dedicated to Beyonce and the twins during the pregnancy, how could she refuse his request that they keep the birth an intimate affair and keep Solange out of the delivery room?

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