Is ‘Southern Charm’ Thomas Ravenel Looking For A Trump Appointment?

It’s starting to look like Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is back to pining for politics because in addition to making political posts on Twitter, he has now written an op-ed piece on immigration and drugs for FitsNews, the site owned by Charleston’s own Will Folks, who, once upon a time, managed Ravenel’s political campaign. Ravenel made it clear during the election that he supported Donald Trump, so fans are wondering if these recent political musings are Thomas Ravenel’s way of hinting that he wants to get back into politics. His last run for office didn’t end well, so perhaps this time, he is seeking an appointment?

But if Thomas Ravenel of Southern Charm wants to run for office, seek an appointment, or once again be a “man of the people,” he needs to consider his words first before speaking or tweeting, says the Inquisitr. Earlier this week, Thomas Ravenel posted on Twitter that he is too intelligent to enjoy reality television, thus insulting many of his fans who know him from his time on the reality series, Southern Charm. Obviously, Ravenel is entitled to his opinion but admitting that he is drawing a paycheck from something he thinks is insipid makes an odd statement.

But before Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel wrote his essay on drugs and immigration for FitsNews, he was on Twitter slamming Obamacare.

Ravenel claimed that he cannot get his daughter Kensie, a toddler, medical treatment while they are vacationing in California because California doctors, due to Obamacare, are not allowed to accept her South Carolina medical insurance. He claims he even offered to pay cash, but they won’t take his money. Quite a few followers called his bluff, citing the Hippocratic Oath among other things, and he backed down.


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But in his FitsNews essay, Ravenel gave a somewhat reasonable approach to immigration, suggesting essentially that the current policy needs to be revamped, as some of the “best and brightest” are being deported when they have received a superior education in this country. He said that rather than ask those who are skilled, or those who want to do jobs, like picking crops, that American won’t do, to go to the back of the line, he suggested instead that there should be a system in place for visas, or work permits on a case by case basis.

He praised Sergey Brin, the founder of Google, who is himself an immigrant from Russia, as he employs many Americans. But while Brin did come here from Russia at age five, he came here legally with his parents, fleeing religious persecution, as his family members are Russian Jews. Brin’s father, a University of Maryland professor, brought his family to Maryland and promptly sought citizenship.

But at the end of the fairly well-written essay where Ravenel states his position on immigration, he takes an odd turn into talking about drugs, and the war on drugs.

“The effects of our disastrous drug policy are now spilling over onto U.S. soil. Drugs are bad but as we learned in the aftermath of the only constitutional amendment ever repealed, prohibition is worse.”

If Ravenel is seeking a position in the Trump administration, and away from reality television, then bringing up drugs is not a good idea, as it was drugs that derailed his earlier career as South Carolina State Treasurer. According to the Post and Courier, in 2008, Thomas Ravenel was sentenced to time in a federal prison for cocaine use. Ravenel was forced to resign his position and was sentenced to ten months behind bars.

While on Southern Charm, Thomas Ravenel made an attempt to get back into politics, but he lost to current Senator Lindsey Graham

What do you think of Thomas Ravenel’s op-ed piece? Do you think Ravenel is preparing to leave Southern Charm and get back into politics, perhaps in the Trump administration?

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