WWE News: Roman Reigns Expected To Beat The Undertaker At ‘WrestleMania 33’

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns was chokeslammed by the legendary Undertaker on WWE RAW, which is setting up a match between the two at WrestleMania 33, but could Reigns actually beat The Phenom? Roman Reigns may be the most despised pro-wrestler in the world today, with fans all over the world having trouble accepting him. This, according to fans, is due to his lacking mic skills and sub-par wrestling.

To be fair to Reigns, he has improved a bit. However, due to how he’s been used and forced down fans’ throats for the last few years, fans have not been happy with him. At least with John Cena, he was liked by fans for a period of time in the early part of his singles career. He started as a heel but moved into a babyface role when fans began to enjoy his performances. He was not as good in the ring, but his gimmick and mic work were so good that fans overlooked this.

Eventually, Cena would be exposed for his lack of wrestling skill at the time and eventually drop his rapper gimmick. This was when fans truly began to start going half and half on hating him and loving him. Eventually, people made their minds up about Cena and still hate him despite his performances the last few years where he had great matches with numerous WWE Superstars including the likes of Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and AJ Styles. All of which have a victory or victories over him.

Roman Taker Royal Rumble

Meanwhile, Roman Reigns never truly had the fans behind him like Cena did. He also does not have something about him that covers up his weaknesses. Before, The Shield technically did that. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose would do a bulk of the wrestling while Roman had the hero spots to come in and do some fun stuff. Reigns was never the main focus, then when The Shield broke up he became that. Since then, fans have not fully accepted him and may never do so.

Fast-Forward to WWE RAW, where The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns was set up for WrestleMania 33. Many fans are into the match but others seem to be against it. The ones who are for it seem to like the idea that we truly do not know who is going to win. Vince McMahon may put his golden goose over his “greatest creation” in The Undertaker, simply because a victory over The Undertaker would help Reigns.

Cageside Seats is reporting now that Vince may do just that, as it is expected Reigns will win his match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Some may think this is a terrible plan and scoff at the idea of Reigns doing this because he is not worthy enough of taking the win. The issue is that Vince McMahon will do whatever he feels is best for Roman Reigns, win or lose. It might be best to have him lose, however.

It might be a great plan to have Reigns beat The Undertaker, as long as Roman turns heel afterward. However, Cageside Seats is also reporting that WWE has no plans, as of now, to turn Roman heel. It should be obvious by now that a victory over Undertaker is going to get a massive amount of boos. Fans already boo Roman Reigns all over the country and in many other countries as well.

Roman Reigns The Undertaker

This is just for the stuff he’s done so far. His appearance at No. 30 in the Royal Rumble match was seen as one of the worst moments in Rumble history, as it infuriated fans all over the world. Even some of Roman’s biggest supporters felt this was unneeded for Roman and really did hurt his standing with the fans even more. Imagine what would happen if he beat The Undertaker. If Roman beat The Deadman, he would never be loved by the fans.

It would be the perfect time to turn him, as there may never be another time where the world at large doesn’t like him and you have a notable win that could catapult him into the main event again. A win over The Undertaker would be huge for Reigns’ still young career, despite already main eventing WrestleMania twice. However, a win over Taker would give him more hate than he’s ever had from fans before.

There may even be people that want to do harm to him even. This may put him on Sgt. Slaughter-level hate, when Slaughter turned heel years ago. If that is there, the heel turn for Roman would be the perfect option. No one could bring in so much hatred as a heel in pro-wrestling, regardless of how hard they worked to achieve it. This win could be huge, but the heel turn after is really what could make Roman Reigns into something WWE can actually use going forward for all fans.

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