Little Boy Interrupts Weather Forecast, Warns Of 'Toot Storm,' Then Farts

A rather precocious little boy hilariously interrupted a weatherman's live forecast to warn of an impending toot storm. He then farted on the weatherman repeatedly before his father swooped in and dragged him off the set.

The video showing the bizarre but hilarious fart-fueled exchange between WLBT's meteorologist Patrick Ellis and the little boy named Houston, later went viral after it was uploaded to Facebook.

The real-life Dennis the Menace was visiting WLBT's studio in Jackson, Mississippi, on Saturday, with his dad, a legal expert who had appeared as a guest in the newscast, according to Us Weekly.

The boy wandered in front of the camera as WLBT weatherman Patrick Ellis was trying, early on Saturday morning, March 4, to present the weekend weather forecast to viewers at home.

Waving his little arms excitedly, the little boy, apparently displeased with the forecast, asked the weatherman whether he was certain about his forecast.

"Are you sure? Are you crazy sure?" he yelled at the astonished weatherman.

He then warned that there would be more wind than expected because a "toot" storm was about to break. He flapped his arms like a chicken, aimed his bottom at the confused weatherman and farted multiple times.

Ellis, clearly unprepared for his surprise guest, struggled to continue his presentation as if nothing was happening.

"We've got a little bit of, uh, interesting things going on right now," was all that Ellis could say as the boy turned his bottom and aimed a fart at him.

"I don't know what's going on," shouted the little boy.

Ellis laughed nervously and tried to continue with the weather forecast as if the boy's interruption was just part of the daily forecast. But realizing he could not continue to awkwardly ignore the little boy, he asked, with a laugh, if he wanted to present the weather.

That was a mistake because the boy simply used the opportunity to generate more fart and present his version of the weather forecast, warning of an impending "toot" storm over Mississippi.

"Yeah, there are farts everywhere and toots... It's crazy."
Mercifully, the boy's father rushed on set to rescue the hapless weatherman. He swept the little menace off camera before he could break more wind, after he had been on air for nearly 25 seconds.

Ellis later posted a video of the hilarious incident to Facebook. He said he was surprised about the interest that the bizarre incident generated on social media.

He then invited the boy to return to present the weather once again.

"So we want everyone to know that we want him to come back and actually do the weather."
As WLBT acknowledged, the incident generated a lot of light-hearted conversation on social media.
A viewer on SB Nation, wondered whether the boy deliberately aimed his "toot" at the weatherman to avenge a previous offense?
"Did the weatherman do something to him? Has he been holding a grudge? Is this where it ends?"
But others suggested that the boy's parents probably used the word "wind" in reference to "fart" when talking to him. So when he heard the weatherman talking about "wind" he thought the segment was about "farts" and decided to contribute to a discussion about a subject he was well informed about.

A viewer poked fun at the weatherman's reaction, saying he could have handled the situation better by farting back at the little boy.

"What if the weatherman turned around and farted back?"
"Has anyone actually checked the weather in Mississippi? That radar looks pretty brown to me. We should probably make sure the kid's forecast wasn't correct."
A viewer joked about checking to see whether the little boy's forecast was correct.

[Featured Image by Necla Bayrakta/Shutterstock]