Kim Kardashian And Ex Reggie Bush’s Daughters Look Like Twins?

Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West has a celebrity lookalike. Ironically enough, the reality star’s ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush’s daughter looks remarkably similar to Kim’s kid.

Kim Kardashian is currently married to Kanye West and has two children, North, 3, and Saint, 1. However, back in the day, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was in a serious relationship with football star Reggie Bush.

After a three-year relationship, Kardashian and Bush broke up after being driven apart by the pressures of fame, according to Daily Mail.

Now, years later, both of the celebrities are married with children.

Kim’s daughter North West, who turns 4 in June, looks strikingly resemblant of Reggie Bush and his wife Lilit Avagyan’s daughter Briseis, who turns 4 in May.

It must be noted, however, that Reggie Bush’s wife Lilit Avagyan has some of the same features as Kim Kardashian.

Reggie Bush and Lilit Avagyan were married in July 2014.

Reggie Bush and Lilit may have another Kardashian lookalike on the way. Lilit announced on her private Instagram that she was expecting another child, according to Daily Mail.

The couple also has a one-year-old son, Uriah.

Reggie Bush also has a child out of wedlock. The football player’s mistress recently gave birth to their son on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5, 2017.

The woman, Monique Exposito, had attorneys present at Mount Sinai Medical Center when she gave birth, who gave the baby a DNA test, although it was unclear who the lawyers were representing, according to Bossip.

Exposito’s estranged husband was not present when the baby was born.

Exposito’s husband has since filed for divorce and cited that the baby is Reggie Bush’s, according to TMZ.

The NFL star was named numerous times in the divorce documents.

Despite the drama, Lilit seemed excited to share the news of her pregnancy with her Instagram followers and Bush claimed that he is still “happily married.”

As for Kim Kardashian, it is not likely that the reality star will have a third child, at least probably not naturally. Both of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancies were high-risk and she suffered some health complications throughout.

Doctors have told the reality star that a third pregnancy would not be safe for Kim.

Kim has explored the option of surrogacy on her reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In February, Kardashian hinted that she was ready for a third child with West, according to The Sun.

The reality star is planning to launch a children’s’ clothing line and sparked fans’ interest when she re-posted a tweet that read, “RT if you’re getting pregnant in time for the Kim and Kanye kids line launch.”

Just four months after their son Saint West was born, Kim said that Kanye was already thinking about another child.

“I was so set on my two kids and how happy I was with my life the way that it is.

“But Kanye has been mentioning it every single day lately for the past 10 days!”

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[Featured Image by David Livingston/Stringer/Getty Images]