Colin Kaepernick Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Seahawks Free Agency Report Updated

Colin Kaepernick-Seattle Seahawks rumors are almost comedic. Kaepernick and the Seahawks have had a very adversarial relationship over the years, which was a direct result of a new rivalry between the Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers. That rivalry has quieted recently, though, with the Seahawks just flat out dominating the 49ers at every turn. The Seahawks have still never lost a game at Levi’s Stadium and the 2-14 49ers have become the doormat of the NFC after an embarrassing 2016 season. That particular rivalry is dead for now.

A new report by King 5 News out of Seattle sheds more light on the situation, possibly even fanning the flame of the Colin Kaepernick-Seattle Seahawks rumors. The article points out how Kaepernick has earned the respect of the Seahawks players for his silent protests and how in turn the Seahawks earned his admiration through locking arms during the National Anthem. Is a mutual respect enough for the Seahawks to offer Kaepernick a contract to become the backup quarterback? Is CK7 even a player that the Seahawks want to have on the roster?

When it comes to the Seattle Seahawks free agent rumors, Colin Kaepernick isn’t the only name that has been linked to the team. Among the other names getting kicked around in Seahawks free agency inquiries are Adrian Peterson, Jamal Charles, Steven Hauschka, and Luke Joeckel. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Peterson listed the Seahawks as one of the teams he would be interested in joining for the 2017 NFL season. Hauschka is reportedly ready to sign with the Buffalo Bills and Charles is continuing to draw interest from the front office.

Colin Kaepernick Against St. Louis Rams

So what do the fans think about these Colin Kaepernick-Seattle Seahawks rumors? It has not been a very positive response on social media. Kaepernick has not had very many supporters in the Pacific Northwest and he didn’t gain any new fans when he began refusing to stand for the National Anthem during the 2016 NFL season. While this may have garnered him a new respect from other NFL players, it led to quite a bit of vitriol and disdain getting shown for Kaepernick on social media. That hasn’t gone away during the NFL offseason.

A lot of Seahawks fans are even less enthused about the front office possibly pursuing a backup quarterback when there are still so many questions about the future of the offensive line. A report by ESPN on Thursday (March 9) did show that the front office is making a more concerted effort to protect Russell Wilson next year. Adam Schefter is reporting that former Jacksonville Jaguars left guard Luke Joeckel has agreed to a one-year, $8 million deal with the Seahawks. This culminates several Seattle Seahawks free agent rumors in regard to the offensive line.

Colin Kaepernick’s contract situation is quite simple after he decided to opt out of his deal with the San Francisco 49ers. He is now free to sign with any NFL team at any price, taking away some of the 49ers trade rumors that had surfaced during the past few years. This could also be a big reason why Kaepernick might not want to sign with the Seahawks, as the team couldn’t offer him the type of salary he is used to receiving. Kaepernick’s contract called for a 2017 salary of $16.9 million, but by opting out he saved the 49ers $14.4 million in salary cap space.

Where will Colin Kaepernick play in 2017? That question might come down to how much of a pay cut he is willing to take. The Seahawks’ backup quarterback position is wide open and there are some similarities between what CK7 and Russell Wilson bring to the table. Should the Seahawks suffer through another Wilson injury in the 2017 NFL season, having a player like Kaepernick ready to step in wouldn’t be a bad insurance policy. But just how much would that insurance policy cost and would it take money away from the Seahawks’ free agency endeavors?

Colin Kaepernick With San Francisco 49ers

As far as Colin Kaepernick is concerned, a contract offer is not on the table from the Seattle Seahawks. General manager John Schneider may indeed have some interest in signing a backup quarterback like Kaepernick, but he is currently holding his cards very close to the vest. The Seahawks’ salary cap space was pretty limited when NFL free agency began and there are still a lot of question marks at key positions. One of them is not with the Seahawks’ kicker because even though Steven Hauschka is signing with the Buffalo Bills, the team picked up Blair Walsh earlier in the offseason.

In other San Francisco 49ers news, the team has been linked to the Washington Redskins and quarterback Kirk Cousins. The 49ers did sign free agent quarterback Brian Hoyer, but he may not be what the new front office is looking to use as a starting quarterback. The 49ers also have the No. 2 overall selection in the 2017 NFL Draft, but this quarterback class is said to be a pretty weak one. Acquiring a quarterback in a trade with the Redskins might just be a short-term solution that could make the team respectable on the gridiron again. Hoyer isn’t that answer.

Signing Luke Joeckel can already be seen as a free agent victory for the Seahawks, but the team still needs to remain active in filling up roster holes. While some of them could get taken care of during the upcoming NFL Draft, college football prospects always come with risks. If he signs at a discount to prove himself, would the Seahawks’ front office need to take the risk on a wily veteran like this one? The biggest component of these Seattle Seahawks-Colin Kaepernick rumors is whether the team feels he is going to be a distraction or an asset to the 2017 53-man roster.

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