Christy Mack Testifies Against Jonathan ‘War Machine’ Koppenhaver

Former adult film star Christy Mack, whose real name is Christine Mackinday, appeared in court on Wednesday for the trial of ex-boyfriend Jonathan Koppenhaver, better known by his professional fighting name War Machine. Koppenhaver is on trial for attempted murder for the 2014 assault and battery against Mack inside of her Las Vegas home. The shocking attack turned into a days-long manhunt while multiple law enforcement agencies searched for Koppenhaver after allegations that he brutally beat and threatened to kill Mack after breaking into her home in the middle of the night.

Jon Koppenhaver has been charged with 34 felony counts including sexual assault, kidnapping, and attempted murder according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Mack testified that War Machine abused her for months prior to the August 2014 incident that had her wondering if she would even survive. The details of her testimony are chilling, to say the least.

Christy Mack accused Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver of bursting into her Las Vegas home in the middle of the night on August 15, 2014, to find her asleep with friend Corey Thomas. Koppenhaver initially attacked both Mack and Thomas but let the adult film star’s male friend go before turning his ire on Christy in an assault that lasted roughly two hours.

Mack testified that she dated Koppenhaver for 15 months, and during that time, the two got into some pretty intense fights that ended on occasion with him choking Mack until she lost consciousness. During his final attack, Christy testified that Koppenhaver sawed off her trademark mohawk with a knife from her kitchen and hit her in the ear repeatedly with the knife’s handle. She also claims that he took her phone and started to go through it. Each time he saw something he didn’t like, Mack claims that Koppenhaver punched her to the point where she lost consciousness, only to wake up naked in the shower.

Christy Mack testified that she was afraid to leave or turn in the former cage fighter best known as War Machine because he threatened her. “He said he would send his Navy SEAL friends or Hell’s Angels after me or my family,” Mack said.

The prosecution has charged that Jonathan Koppenhaver brutally raped and beat Christy Mack with the intent to kill her had she not got away from him. Mack testified that he said he was going to have to kill her because he had “gone too far,” and after beating his ex-girlfriend mercilessly for hours, she had too many bruises and would not be able to cover them up or come up with a story that her friends would buy.

It wasn’t until Koppenhaver left Mack alone in her bedroom to get another knife from that kitchen that she was able to escape out a back door to look for help. Bloody, bruised, and covered only by a blanket, Christy Mack managed to get out of the house and alert a neighbor who called the police. By the time they arrived at her Las Vegas home, Koppenhaver was long gone, only to turn up again at a California motel where police took him into custody days later.

Christy Mack shared pictures of her battered face and body on social media after the attack. She said that she did it to remind herself of what she had been through and to make sure she will never consider going back. The former adult film star suffered a broken eye socket, a broken nose, multiple broken and missing teeth, a lacerated liver, fractured rib, and severe bruising.

Despite the mountain of evidence against him, including Christy Mack’s testimony, Jonathan Koppenhaver has pleaded not guilty, causing the case to go to trial. Even when Mack was asked to identify the man who caused so much damage, she avoided looking in the direction of Koppenhaver as she pointed him out and became very emotional during several parts of her testimony. The trial of Jonathan Koppenhaver is still underway.

[Featured Image by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP Images]