‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Finale: Oscar Winner Brie Larson’s ‘Date’ With Nick Viall

First of all, Oscar winner Brie Larson is a fan of popular TV show The Bachelor. Since the finale episode of the 2017 edition is just around the corner, it was revealed that the Room actress was recently star-struck by none other than Nick Viall, who surprised her by showing up at her party. Here’s what happened that evening.

The 27-year-old actress hosted a party at her Los Angeles. This was not the first time she threw a party to celebrate The Bachelor for her friends. However, this time, she had a surprise guest at the Bachelor viewing party: the 2017 lead of the show, Nick Viall. The 36-year-old apparently came to know about the party from a friend of a friend. Larson used two expressions to describe her reaction to Nick attending her party: “starstuck” and “freaked out.”

She spoke about the incident on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday.

“The day before, I was like hugging Meryl Streep and I was like, ‘This is fine,’ But then Nick showed up at my house.”

The actress, who bagged the Oscar for Best Actress last year for Room, said everybody at the party was nervous, while the man himself was “really cool.” Nick came with his best friend, and Brie thought he would leave soon before the beginning of the show. To her utter surprise, Nick Viall watched The Bachelor with other guests at the party. Even his friend left the party early, as he was supposed to go on a date. However, Nick stayed behind. The star of The Bachelor 2017 chilled out with Brie Larson’s guests all evening. When the guests said they would watch the show, he said he would watch it with them.

Oscar Winner Brie Larson is a fan of popular TV show The Bachelor.

According to Larson, the guests came to know about some behind-the-scenes incidents from the show, but Nick was careful enough not to reveal any spoiler to them. Brie Larson said she secretly took many photos of Nick throughout his stay at her party. She seemed pretty surprised to see him stay “until the very end.” When the show got over, he asked her to book a Lyft for him.

The Oscar winner, who now mingles with Hollywood A-listers, said she was nervous, but Nick handled everything with his sense of humor. She said she was so nervous that she might not have talked to Nick at all because she was almost “hiding.” She took Nick’s photos secretly and sent those to Amy Schumer, who was equally surprised to know that The Bachelor’s 2017 leading man attended her bash.

“I’m too scared, I’m too shy.”

It might be difficult for some people to see Brie Larson behave like a coy teenage girl in front of her “idol.” The Oscar-winning actress is known for her strong feminist ideologies. One example is when she presented the Best Actor Oscar to Casey Affleck the other night; she handed the trophy to him and stepped back without clapping for him or showing any sign of appreciation. On the contrary, the audience gave Casey a standing ovation. Many believe Brie took a stand against the actor, who had been accused of sexual harassment in the past. Larson is an activist against sexual assault and supports victims and survivors.

Brie Larson presented the Best Actor Oscar to Casey Affleck

While talking to Vanity Fair, Brie confirmed that it was intentional on her part to give such a reaction.

“I think that whatever it was that I did onstage kind of spoke for itself,” she said. “I’ve said all that I need to say about that topic.”

The Bachelor, by the way, is accused of sexism at times. ABC wondered if it would be possible for a feminist to enjoy the show. The finale episode of the 2017 edition will start on Monday, March 13 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time (7 p.m. Central time).

For now, fans can warm up for the The Bachelor 2017 finale with this interesting “date” between Brie and Nick.

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