Men named Paul are most likely swingers

A poll suggests that men named Paul and women named Cathrine are most likely into partner swapping. The poll also shows that swingers are in their mid-20s and well-educated.

It gets even better – “most couples are white, middle-class university graduates with careers in advertising or media (ie. blogging) in long-term relationships, but not married.”

Now heres the fun part – according to The Telegraph the most common swinger names are:


1 Paul

2 Andrew

3 David

3 Mark

5 Stephen

6 Anthony

6 Christopher

8 Michael

9 Matthew

10 Richard


1 Catherine

2 Clare

3 Sarah


4 Emma

5 Lucy

6 Anna

7 Karen

8 Joanna

9 Louise

10 Michelle

So what’s your name? ;)