Oxygen Masks On Flight From KC To Dallas Used Saturday

Oxygen masks on a flight from Kansas City to Dallas alarmed passengers on Saturday night after an “issue with cabin pressurization,” but no panic ensued among the 124 passengers aboard the Southwest flight from Kansas City to Dallas.

The oxygen masks on the Southwest flight dropped as the plane rapidly descended into a sharp dive and the cabin lost pressure. During the incident, one of the five crewmembers aboard the flight spoke to the passengers after the masks dropped, reassuring them that despite the alarming sight, there was no reason to be concerned:

“Everything is currently fine, as far as I can tell … Flight attendants are checking the cabin to make sure everybody’s all right.”

Southwest passenger David Wilding documented the use of oxygen masks on the flight as the situation unfolded, providing footage of the 20 minutes of oxygen mask use aboard the craft to press after the scary incident.

While oxygen masks on a flight are a frightening sight, a spokeswoman for Southwest says that passengers were in no danger despite their use on board the craft and the flight landed safely in Dallas after the incident.

Southwest AirlinesKWTX says Southwest’s Whitney Eichinger explains that the oxygen masks on the flight dropped due to a cabin pressure issue as originally stated:

“She says there was a pressurization issue at an altitude of about 35,000 feet so the pilot followed protocol, descended and deployed the oxygen masks … The masks were no longer needed below 10,000 feet.”

After the oxygen masks dropped on the flight, Southwest service the jet involved in the incident before returning it to the fleet on Monday.