Trump's Presidency Has Turned Barbara Streisand Into An Emotional Eater

Lucy Santos

Like so many Americans, Barbara Streisand has confessed that she overeats, and her trigger is President Donald Trump. Every time she hears the news about President Trump, she eats pancakes with maple syrup. The latest news story in which Trump believes that Barack Obama wiretapped his conversations has only added to Streisand's stress and caused her to eat more. She believes that allegations that Trump made about Obama are completely ludicrous. She has described Trump as being dangerous and unfit for office.

Throughout the 2016 campaign, Streisand was a fervent support of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Besides supporting Hillary Clinton, she has backed up other Democrats such as Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. She also continues to use social media to describe her political views to all of her fans and followers.

Emotional eating is a real medical disorder where people choose to eat high-calorie foods rather than healthier low-calorie foods. Some of the comfort foods that people choose to eat are high in carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, pizza, ice cream, chocolate, cookies, and fast foods among many others. After people eat these foods, they will feel less stress temporarily, but soon the feelings of tension will return, and they will crave higher calorie foods.

When people eat emotionally, they rarely desire healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, poultry, and fish among many others. They simply choose to eat what is forbidden in a healthy diet. One of the ways to stop emotional eating is to find the reason why a person longs for comfort foods. In the case of Streisand, this would mean trying to avoid all the news about President Trump. Each person who suffers from emotional eating has their own trigger. When left untreated, emotional eating can lead to food addictions and obesity. Unfortunately, obesity is a growing epidemic in America.

If there is someone who can overcome emotional eating, it is Barbara Streisand as she has accomplished so much in her artistic career against all of the odds. Growing up Streisand always wanted to go into show business. Unfortunately, her mom did not support her dream and said that she was too unattractive to pursue her aspirations of becoming an actress. However, she was already standing out from all of the others when she sang in the choir at Bais Yakov School. As a young lady, she was already demonstrating that she was highly intelligent when she graduated fourth in her class at the tender age of 16 from Erasmus High in 1959

While she was following her dream of stardom, she had regular office jobs and also took acting lessons. However, she never took singing lessons as Streisand was born with the gift of that amazing voice. She also worked as a cabaret singer. With her phenomenal voice, people came back to hear her sing again and again.

The entire world began to hear the voice of Streisand when she released her first album, The Barbara Streisand Album in 1963. It became a huge success earning a Top 10 gold record, as well as winning two Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year. At the time, she was the youngest artist to receive that distinction. After her hit album that catapulted Streisand to success, many others hits followed.

In addition to excelling in music, Streisand also became a renowned actress whose singing complemented her performance. In the 1973 film, The Way We Were, Streisand's singing even added more romance to a movie that was already sentimental. The song, "The Way We Were," which became Streisand's signature song, turned into a No. 1 single. For her moving performance in the film, The Way We Were, Streisand obtained a 1973 Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

One of her most meaningful roles as an actress was in the 1984 film, Yentl based on Isaac Bashevis Singer's short story, Yentl The Yeshiva Boy. Streisand showed how proud she really is of her Jewish heritage when she worked for 15 years to bring Yentl to the big screen. In Yentl, Streisand sang beautiful songs about Jewish culture. As for her acting in the film, it was superb. The critically acclaimed film, Yentl, won five Academy Award nominations. Streisand also received Golden Globe Awards for Best Director and as the producer of the Best Picture and Musical for Yentl. With Streisand's passion and her wonderful voice singing songs about Jewish culture in this film, it is no wonder why Yentl became a Top 10 soundtrack.

In addition to inspiring the world through her acting and music, Streisand also gives back to others. Streisand's One Voice Concert has acquired more $7 million in earnings for charities donated through the Streisand Foundation. For all of her contributions, Streisand received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama in 2015 among many other awards.

Streisand has certainly come a long way from that shy little girl who grew up to become a superstar. As one of the top selling female artists of all time, she can conquer her emotional eating habits. Perhaps, she may even write a book to teach others to develop healthier eating habits.

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]