‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ Year 2 Free DLC Confirmed, Embargoed Info Revealed?

The word is out, Tom Clancy’s The Division’s year two will have two free DLC expansions. It’ll soon be the one year anniversary of the rapid fire MMO shooter, and there will also be a State of the Game today on Twitch as well.

Creative director Julian Gerighty spoke with Game Rant about what to expect instead of the anniversary.

“We are looking to reengage the players in light of the first year celebration for The Division by recommitting ourselves to the game in the upcoming 12 months. We will be delivering two separate expansion packs for the game free to everybody in the next 12 months.”

This was considered embargoed information, according to YouTuber Skill Up via Paul Tassi of Forbes. It was mentioned that it was unclear if the embargo was broken when Game Rant broke this news, but Tassi said that it was embargoed. So what you could be seeing is information revealed before today’s Twitch State of the Game.

Update: Access to Game Rant’s write-up is no longer available, but the URL is shown in the address bar. Perhaps this proves the embargo was in violation? Either way, the Skill Up confirmation video has cited Game Rant anyhow.

Now that the word is out, these two free expansion packs for The Division will be first available in the summer which is around June/July/August. The second was speculated by Skill Up to be towards the end of 2017 or early 2018.

Julian couldn’t get into too much detail regarding the future expansions. He did give some information regarding the first DLC. It was something in regards to going the route of a story driven game. He cited back to the 1.4 format.

“The first expansion pack that we’ll be focusing on, which will be a pack for summer this year, is really going to continue this philosophy that we put into place with the 1.4 update. It’s a philosophy of generosity and rewarding players for spending time in the game and playing and driving them to player-driven activities where they can craft their own unique stories. That’s something we really, really believe in.”

This is good news because it delves into the open world gaming aspect that video games are gearing towards anyhow. Fallout 4 is another example of forming your own stories by not necessarily following a linear path given by the game. This will please some fans who enjoy more of PvE than PvP because some have claimed there had been loose ends to the story. Although some have repetitively ran the Lexington, Russian Consulate, and Lincoln Tunnel, The Division 1.6 players have mentioned a desire for some kind of closure in this department.

“Wow, I totally forgot what the story ending was, but I can probably recite every word of dialogue from Lexington, Consulate and Lincoln Tunnel, in fact most of the missions.”

There will also be new opportunities to partake in events when it comes to PvE content in a new fashion. This includes solo and group play. The goal here with this next expansion is trying to take on another angle of getting The Division players to find a different way to play the MMO. Massive intends on putting a new “spin” on these events/activities.

However, Skill Up thinks this is a rather vague quote from Gerighty as it doesn’t give him much confidence on what to expect when it comes to PvE. The mention of it being a player-driven narrative doesn’t mean much. In fact, Skill Up feels that not much story content will be included in this first expansion. It says something about how a Division player can “craft their own unique story,” but that didn’t instill the confidence of moving along with the game’s narrative.

“One of the biggest pieces of new content is an events structure, which will reward players for participation, completion, and completion within a playlist of activities that have a modifier. Basically, taking a set number of activities within the game and adding a spin to them that makes players see them in a whole different light and play them in a whole different way.”

So Tom Clancy’s The Division game is to be more focused on the PvE environment and Gerighty emphasized this, but doesn’t mean addressing PvP in the future is “off the table.” There’s an emphasis on attempting to accomplish replay-ability by taking on PvE missions in a new fashion.

Do you think The Division will be improved much with the two new expansion DLCs coming up? Does the idea of an improved PvE play appealing?

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