President Trump Is Obsessed With Arnold Schwarzenegger

According to the former Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger came to the conclusion that President Trump is apparently obsessed with him. Arnold told SiriusXM that he that he had a theory as to why he the president would keep targeting him on social media and otherwise. The president is known for his random comments and attacks on Twitter but has repeatedly come for the former California governor. When asked about these continued attacks Arnold merely said,

“I think he’s in love with me.”

He went on, The Michael Smerconish Program to discuss the current political climate as well as polarization and redistricting and more.

Arnold leaves The Celebrity Apprentice

Trump’s obsession with Arnold Schwarzenegger was apparent when the president took Twitter to comment on Arnold leaving The Celebrity Apprentice. The president claimed that Arnold had been fired from the show. Arnold, on the other hand, had said that he was leaving the show voluntarily. He said that he would be leaving his hosting duties due to its baggage. Arnold did say that he loved working with NBC and Mark Burnett to everyone from the celebrities’ involved as the crew and marketing team and that he would love to work with them but on a show that didn’t have baggage.

The star became the new host after the president chose to leave the show and focus on his campaign. NBC had also begun to slow move away from Trump after the remarks that the president had been making at the start of his campaign. The president may not have anything to do with the show but he continues to be credited on the show as an executive producer.

The show’s advisors would boast the likes of Tyra Banks, Steve Ballmer, Jessica Alba, Patrick M. Knapp, Schwarzenegger, Warren Buffet, and more.

Trump's obsession with Arnold Schwarzenegger
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As usual, the president had not presented any evidence to any of his Twitter remarks. He claimed that reason Arnold was fired was due to his bad ratings and that it was a sad end to the show. He did insist that it wasn’t him who had fired the Conan actor. He had made comments during the show saying that religious leaders, elected officials, and dignitaries to pray for Arnold and the show’s ratings.

Arnold responded to the President that the president should hire a new joke writer and a fact checker.

The season ended in February and unfortunately, it’s ratings did indeed drop down lower than when the president was running the show. The show perhaps would have done better if the time change hadn’t been made. There were fewer viewers after the reboot compared to when the president was on air. The shows ties with the president may have been a major reason as to why most viewers had stopped watching the show. Trump decidedly claimed that his last season was the highest rating show on Television.

President Trump’s so called Wiretap

Trump's obsession with Arnold Schwarzenegger
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The president’s obsessions with Arnold Schwarzenegger were not as prominent as his claims that the former president Barack Obama had wire tapped him. The claims led to a lot of backlash as the president had not presented any evidence to back his claims. He simply tweeted and moved on to Arnold. The White House may be by the Trump’s side but the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell said that he had not seen any evidence as to the accusations and that they had enough an intelligence committee that would look into all aspects of what may have been done during the campaign last year in relation to Russia.

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