Rob Kardashian Shares More Adorable Dream Moments Amidst Parenting Controversy

Rob Kardashian is one proud daddy as he shared more adorable moments with his daughter Dream. This is amidst claims that he cannot take care of his cuddly baby girl by himself.

On Tuesday, the 29-year-old first-time dad took to Instagram and posted several father and daughter selfies showcasing how he much he adores the youngest member of the Kardashian clan. Rob, who seems to be enjoying every moment with Dream, captured the three-month-old baby’s cute little smiles. In the first post, Kardashian shared a snap of Dream’s captivating smile and captioned it with, “Smile on pretty mama.”

Shortly after, Rob shared more aww-worthy photos of Dream with a captivating smile that’ll sure to win the hearts of many. Dream, who looks absolutely adorable even when she’s drooling, flaunted her long eyelashes and rosy cheeks. Rob couldn’t hide his admiration, saying, “Drool on my baby lol,,, Look how long her eye lashes are! I will never say no this Woman lol.”

Many were quick to share the same sentiment as Rob, expressing their fondness for baby Dream. One user commented, “Rob the Lord sure has bless you with a gorgeous daughter. Please get healthy for you and your adorable daughter.” Another fan wrote, “She is totally gorgeous. And totally your baby girl mini me. The Kardashian genes are strong within her. Your dad would have made an amazing grandfather. #beproud#blessed #blessedlittlegirl”

And earlier today, the father and daughter moment continues as they seem to spend more time together outdoors. Rob, who seems to be going back on track, posted three adorable pictures of her baby girl shortly after he shared a snap of a gym. Apparently, the only male Kardashian is working out once again and practicing a healthy lifestyle, all thanks to his little Dream who serves as his “motivation.”

Rob and Dream’s adorable moments are definitely refreshing to see considering that the doting father faces parenting controversy. It can be recalled that Rob’s family is “very concerned” about him following his recent split with Blac Chyna. According to reports, Rob is not in the right condition to take care of Dream all by himself as he has been “a mess” ever since the split. There were also claims that Rob remains “very unhealthy – both physically and emotionally.”

“He is spending time with Dream, but never alone. He is not in a state to care for her by himself.”

Adding to the controversy is Blac Chyna’s alleged plan to file a full custody petition for their daughter Dream. According to reports, the 28-year-old mother of two is planning to fight Rob for parental rights of the child and is going for full custody. A source revealed, “Dream is her child and she wants to have her all of the time. She can have supervised visits with Rob but Chyna is the main parent.”

However, Rob’s momager, Kris Jenner, is not going to make it easy for her. In fact, the Kardashian matriarch finds it “hilarious” that Blac Chyna is even considering the said move.

“Kris thinks that the fact that Blac Chyna wants to go after full custody of Dream is just hilarious,” Radar Online cited.She would obviously never allow that to happen. Kris’s lawyers are way too powerful!”

There were also reports that Kris is “carefully scheduling” Rob’s visitation with Dream. Apparently, his visits are still supervised by the family due to his physical and emotional issues. In addition, Jenner doesn’t want any of the drama from the couple, thus pushing her to be the mediator.

“Kris is just tired of all the fighting and is forced to play mediator because the two of them cannot agree on co-parenting plan.”

[Featured Image by Charles Sykes/AP Images]